Confusion, Contempt and Chaos

(Today's post by Marc Cannon)

1 Kings 1

The first chapter of 1st Kings is nothing less than scandalous. King David is around 70 years old and is given a beautiful young virgin to keep him warm; one son, Adonijah, tries to steal the throne from the other son, Solomon, and when Solomon’s mother finds out she’s all about telling King David that Adonijah has tried to hoodwink him and God. One thing leads to another and King David slides Solomon into the throne without even confronting his own son that tried to shirk him in the first place. This is nothing less than a soap opera of biblical proportions!

Solomon wound up in his rightful place on the throne, just as God and David had intended but it wasn’t without issues. Could all of this have been avoided? Sure! David was a great King, there is no disputing that, but as we look back was he a great father? Family man? David faltered in this particular responsibility in life. In the end it caused confusion, contempt and chaos. If David had lead his family like God had intended this sort of issue would have been avoided.

Is this unlike what’s happening today in a lot of our own families? Our culture has been bombarded with the erosion of the family unit and that’s lead to confusion, contempt and chaos. Some of you may have or may be experiencing this in your own family or you know someone whose family is struggling similarly. God designed the family to be a testament and symbol of His divine order and Love. We see it all around…a father works more than he should or parents don’t parent (Verb) and children in essence raise themselves. Is this how the Lord intended the family unit to operate? Absolutely not! The fact of the matter is, if we operate outside of how the Lord intended us to operate we will suffer from confusion, contempt, chaos, hurt, pain, and the list goes on. This just isn’t limited to our families, that’s merely one glaring example that is commonplace, but this principal involves everything we do and how we operate: Workplace integrity, dating relationships, personal relationships, service to our church or community, you name it…It seems like every day these days is a real life soap opera around us and a lot of that chaos is due to our own misalignment with what the Lord has intended.

But what is so beautiful about our God is that when we do operate outside of his intent, He is there to pick us up, dust us off, point us in the right direction and Love us like crazy! He brings His Grace freely and restores perfectly! Is that as mind-boggling to you as it is to me? After reading this chapter I was certainly convicted of operating outside of the Lords intent in a few areas in my life. True to form, those areas are confusing and chaotic for me…

Are there any areas in your life today that the Lord may be drawing you back to the center?


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  • Brad Bacon

    Good post Marc, always good to have a reminder: jobs 1 and 2 are husband and daddy.

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