Who’s the Boss?

(Today's post by Keith Senator)

Psalms 44

Have you ever been introduced into a new situation and tried to offer advice or figure out a way to offer some words of encouragement to someone? It seems so easy to just lay a Christian matrix on it and wax eloquent on the right path. But as I read chapter 44 of Psalms I find myself with few words I would offer the author for encouragement for him and his people.

God is truly amazing. I marvel at Him every day. The plain simple fact is that He is worthy of our total and complete devotion. He is the boss. We are His creation, and that fact alone makes us dependent on Him.

The real question to me is this. If we are completely and totally surrendered to God, what remains? One complaint, one whimper reveals the faux that we are not completely surrendered. Do we really trust His Almighty hand?

It reminds me of Job a bit. What is the balance between trusting God 100%, truly knowing that He is control, while at the same time petitioning God to engage on your behalf to alter the turn of events in your life? It is a baffling question.

The only thing I can say is to stay by His side…as closely as possible. This is our only true posture. There is no other way to live.

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