Who is in Charge Here?

(Today's post by Keith Senator)

2 Samuel 2-3

I am curious if the way David approached the throne is Christ-like? That was first thought as I was reading 2 Samuel. I mean is it the character of God or Christ-like to move like David did? He treated Saul with such reverence. He always had such reservation to encroach too quickly or to appear anxious. It was like he didn't really care at all about the position personally.

2 Samuel 2

David made king in Hebron.

Abner makes Ishbosheth king Battle between Abner's men and those of Joab.

Asahel slain by Abner.

Both parties retreat.

Look at the stats: David loses 20 men, Abner and the army of Ishbosheth 360! Seriously. That is impressive.

2 Samuel 3

David's power increases His family.

Abner revolts to David.

Joab kills Abner, David mourns for him.

The secret to David's success is not his mighty ability, it is his God, our God. David did not want his kingdom established by violence, he wanted God to establish his kingdom, and God punish his enemies. This is the leadership quality I want to highlight. God is always in control and David is merely his subject.

In our life, when faced with challenges, what is our posture? Do we take up the fight in our flesh, on our own? Do we have some religious construct we lay on top of the situation to make moral decisions? Or do we truly rely on God to work on our behalf?

I was talking to a friend who is having some personal struggles. It seems like he is trying to do the right things. We talk about prayer and giving things to God. It is clear that the desire is there to do the right things. But there is a difference between my friend and David.

David was not interested in crushing his enemies, he was interested in God crushing his enemies. In our life are we trying to quit smoking, drinking, porn, being critical, being selfish, etc? If we were David how would this be dealt with? Would he rely on his own strength or would he allow God to address it?


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