The Unwanted Troubadour

(Today's post by Marc Cannon)

Psalms 49


The majority of the Psalms were songs of praise and worship to the Lord. Chapter 49 is not. Chapter 49 is a sermon in song, about death & earthly wealth. Being a songwriter myself, I was trying to relate this Psalm to something of a modern day tune and maybe to a modern day troubadour that stylistically, could do it justice. It no doubt would be a “country” piece, but certainly wouldn’t be main-stream. I came up with Chris Knight. The guy is an unbelievable songwriter and takes it upon himself to write and sing about things that are unpopular, against the grain, overwhelming and shocking at times. Content that may strike a nerve or raise an eyebrow or two from “The Mainstream”.

In chapter 49 the Psalmist is going against the grain as well. The Psalmist is writing about something that most of us don’t like to hear, the love of wealth and eternity. I can picture the reaction of the audience of the day and I think it would be very similar if someone like Christ Knight would hit mainstream radio with a song about wealth and eternity. I’m betting it wouldn’t get a lot of airplay. Can you imagine sitting in your Benz and a song comes on basically saying “Your wealth is a stumbling block for you to get into Heaven”? I’m pretty sure that Chris Knight’s downloads would rocket straight to the bottom. We don’t want to hear that!

I know some of you are thinking, “There is nothing wrong with wealth” and you’re absolutely right. God blesses us immensely. It’s what we do with that wealth, the status in our lives we give it, how we hold it, and what it does to our personal identity that can stand in our way. Stuff and money is just stuff and money. You can’t take it with you when you go and the joy, happiness and security we get from it is fleeting. Like the Psalmist says, if you put your trust and faith into wealth you are a sheep destined to die.

I know as a country we harbor a vast amount of this world’s wealth or maybe that should read hoard. I have been guilty of falling into materialism myself, and if I’m honest, I will probably have moments where I do again. But when that troubadour writes the final song about my life I want it to be sung that My Identity is in Christ and not in a car, that I gave away all I had, not the amount of money I made, that I made an eternal impact in peoples lives…I want it sung that my estate is built on the Solid Rock of Jesus Christ and that my legacy will be eternal and not fleeting.

What “Stuff” in your life do you cling to for comfort, joy, happiness or security?


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  • Britt Ozburn

    Before giving my life to Christ, I wanted to be like those that live the city life in Atlanta: Have a condo near the park and being able to walk to all the cool coffee shops and bars. I befriended some that were already there, and it began to feel like an expectation, like I deserved it; it cost dearly, especially in the emotional department. It was the god of my life at the time, and had I stayed that path, maybe I would have been successful and been waving at you guys from my 15th story condo, but I would have been ignoring God along the way and just end up dying, like those animals.

    • Marc Cannon

      I have been there, Bro. I lived like a king at one point. Company car, private plane and helicopter at my disposal, 2 places to live. Paid for by the company. Spending allowance. Access to spending millions. That made me feel important. Like the world revolved around me. When all of that ended I searched for the same type job, with no luck. When I turned to Jesus it took him a while but he weeded that need for worldly success out of me. All I need is Him and his provision. There is so much more joy in watching Him provide for me.

      • Britt Ozburn

        You hit the nail on the head: much more joy when HE provides. Only comes from total submission (still a work in progress).

        • Marc Cannon

          It is definitely a long work in progress, Bro. Because it goes against our very nature. We’re selfish beings.

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