The Game Plan

(Today's post Tim David)

2 Samuel 5:17-6:23

This week is the beginning of life here in the Southeast…college football is about to begin. I never realized the full impact that college football could have on my life until I moved to a small town outside of Athens. This is my “baptism” into a new life of SEC football. I had never heard such passionate discussions on Monday morning regarding specific calls that took place on Saturday afternoon. I think back to the last play of last year’s SEC championship game…did Richt even make the right call? What if Conley hadn’t caught the ball? What if Murray connected with Mitchell in the end-zone? It all comes down to listening to a coach and executing the play called. If a play is executed properly, then more times than not there is a gain of yardage. Fortunately, our coach will never call a bad play – but we may not always understand why He’s calling it…it’s not up to us to understand – we just need to execute. 2 Samuel 5 proves David is capable of execution.

Despite this mountain top experience David watches God punish disobedience. Was God’s judgment too severe? That’s the question I would like to dwell on. Think about it, 2 Samuel 6:6 – “but when they arrived at the threshing floor of Nacon, the oxen stumbled, and Uzzah reached out his hand and steadied the Ark of God.” Would the Ark have tipped over if Uzzah didn’t steady it? If it did tip over, then who was going to pick it up? Look, David set Uzzah up – David had the Ark on this wagon, when the priests should have been there carrying it appropriately. Why then would David, who obeyed when the battle was on the line, not obey now? Was it ignorance or pride – did he just think it didn’t matter as long as the Ark got to where he (David) wanted it?

Sometimes it is easy for me to believe that it doesn’t matter how I obey – just as long as I do. This doesn’t fly for my kids, so why do I think as a child of God this is going to fly for me? God has given very specific instructions…it is easy to obey when everything is on the line. Then there are other times, when we don’t realize everything is on the line, and we “get it done” while knowing it’s not the way God would have wanted it done. If David would have done as God instructed, Uzzah would have remained alive and the Ark would have been in Jersusalem. As a result, Uzzah died – end of story. Sin, either deliberate or by omission always causes death. David’s reaction was anger towards God, couldn’t our reaction be gratitude that we don’t have to die…a man already died in our place?

My takeaway is this – I want to have the relationship with God like David had, being able to ask what to do, hear the “game plan,” and then fulfill it. I also want to live a life free from regretful consequences to my disobedience. There is so much that David did right – but did his failures outweigh his successes? I hope and pray that question isn’t asked of by my posterity. Execute life today as the victor you are through the power of conviction allotted by the Holy Spirit.

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  • Chris Queen

    Dang, Tim, you beat me to writing the first college football related post! But seriously, good stuff. How often do we look back at our decisions and realize we could’ve done things the right way and saved so much trouble, pain, and heartache?

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