So..You Think YOU Screwed up?

Do you ever think..

  • ..I’ve really screwed up now..there’s no way out of this.
  • ..There’s no way God can use me..look at how messed up I am.
  • ..I’ve blown it too many I guess this is what I deserve.
  • ..God is paying me back for all the bad things I’ve done.
  • ..I want to do what is right..but its too I’ve given up.
  • ..I can’t be perfect like “so-and-so.”
  • ..Why would I try to disciple someone? Look at me..I’m a mess.
  • ..Once I get my act together..THEN I’ll go to church.

Let me remind you of a woman in the bible named Bathsheba. Most of us know the story of how she had an adulterous affair with King David (many years after he killed Goliath with his sling shot.) Bathsheba was married at the time. But David had her faithful and honorable husband, Uriah, murdered. Yup, we have what sounds like an Old Testament soap opera developing (2 Samuel 11-12).

The story continues with one of David’s trusted advisers, Nathan, rebuking David.

David comes clean and cries out to the Lord for forgiveness.

He receives forgiveness but the earthly circumstances of his sin would still haunt him..first with the death of his newborn..and later one of his sons runs him out of town and sleeps with all his wives making David a laughingstock of the kingdom.

But David repents and trusts God. He forgives himself, just as God did, and he moves on.

David rules Israel with the strength of God for many years.


  • Bathsheba had an affair..
  • and then her husband was murdered..
  • and her newborn child died..
  • she was probably the talk of the town..
  • she was more than likely called every name in the book..
  • it looked like her life was over..
  • she probably felt like she had really blown it and screwed up the life God had given her..
  • I bet she felt like she deserved whatever ridicule and scorn she received..
  • I’m sure she compared herself to others and felt shame and unworthiness..

But guess who shows up again in 1 Kings 1?


I guess God was working all things for the good of those who love him and have been “called according to his purpose” (Romans 8:28). Because in this follow up story about Bathsheba we find out that she is now married to David. And she and David have given birth to a son named Solomon. Solomon eventually became king of Israel and the most wise and discerning man in history (1 Kings 3:12).

  • Bathsheba was instrumental in Solomon’s ascent to the throne.
  • Bathsheba was the Queen Mother (the most powerful woman in the land) when her husband King David died.
  • Bathsheba is a link in the lineage from David to Jesus (Matthew 1:6).

Yes..Bathsheba..the adulterous wife and accomplice to murder (?)  was forgiven..and used by God in a mighty way. think YOU screwed up?

I’m guessing God is bigger than that..and I bet he can work ALL things for the good of those who love him.

You, me, Bathsheba..we’re all people of the second chance..(<–check this site out for more modern day second chance stories..)

What’s your story?
Are you a living, breathing second chance?

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