Poor Decisions or God’s Plan??

(Today's post by Keith Senator)

Job 30-31

If ever I have a bad day, I need to read Job 30. I mean this guy is really struggling. Right off the bat, you see him recalling a group of men that were outcast in society and their sons are now looking down on him and openly mock him. He continues to talk about just how bad the men were and now how their sons are doing better than them (apparently), and also better than Job.

This is an interesting point to me. I am curious how his friends could be blind to this. Surely they would say that the fathers of all of the men mocking Job would be distant from God to have such a meager existence. Then they have sons, and now their sons are mocking a man, clearly also distant from God, why do they prosper while Job is in peril?

On to chapter 31, Job talks about how he has lived his life:

• Covenant with his eyes to not look lustfully at a woman.

• Avoid falsehood

• Avoid being enticed by a woman

• Been just to servants

• Met the desires of the poor

• never raised a hand to the fatherless

• Never put trust in gold

• Never rejoiced in enemy's misfortune

and the list goes on.

Job seems like a pretty good guy. How would we compare to Job and his commitment to righteousness? I am guilty of looking at others in a rough situation and often think it is due to a pattern(s) of making poor decisions.

Based on Job's life, I can say this is definitely an example to the contrary. It just raises the question, how many cases are like Job? It is a little different in this day and age, but very similar at the same time.

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