It’s Not Me, It’s You

(Today's post by Marc Cannon)

2 Samuel 7

Today we get to take a break, a break from ourselves. As I was thinking about this passage of scripture this morning on the way to the office and thinking about just what would I write about on the New Normal, the Lord put this thought into my head. Take a break. See, even when we’re bloggin’ and talkin’ about our walk or what is happening in our lives we always seem to focus on ME, MYSELF and I. Even when what the Lord is doing in OUR lives is awe-inspiring, we’re talking about US… ME…YOU…I.

David wanted to do something nice for the Lord. He wanted to build him a house. David figured that since the Jewish people weren’t necessarily nomadic in nature anymore that it would be nice to give the Ark a permanent place to stay instead of the tabernacle. I mean who wouldn’t want a nice, pretty, comfortable house over a stuffy old tent anyway, right? Although the Tabernacle was probably not stuffy at all!

Reading this passage I was refreshed and honestly relieved. Here is a man who the Lord has blessed mightily as a great warrior and given more to David than he could have ever imagined and David wanted to repay the Lord; wanted to do something nice out of the kindness of his heart with no ulterior motives. I believe that the Lord was genuinely pleased, touched and maybe even surprised that David would want to give him something just out of kindness. Even as flattered as the Lord may have been he never broke stride and asked that David to: just align with His will. The Lord didn’t want a man of war to build his permanent house, but a man of peace (Solomon) to deliver the temple. But, he did invite David to be a part of the process. David was then charged with stockpiling the materials for the Temple.

I don’t know that I have ever read this passage before and I can honestly say that I have never thought about doing something nice for the Lord. I mean, what can I/we give Him, right? Can you imagine walking through the mall trying to find something to give God? He would be SO hard to buy for! If you truly want to give the Lord something from your heart, align with His will. That will please him every time. People, that is worship! When you walk along side Jesus doing what He has for you to do that is an act of living worship! It pleases him, every time.

My prayer today is that we all forget about the Me, I & Yous in our lives and give the Lord what He truly wants, and that’s for us to Abide in Him.

Where are you joining in with the Lord in His will?


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