Good Intentions…?

(Today's post by Britt Ozburn)

Job 18 & 19

“Hell isn’t merely paved with good intentions; it’s walled and roofed with them. Yes, andfurnished too.” -author Aldous Huxley

Job’s friend Bildad had good intentions. He grew up in a culture that widely believedthat problems of Job’s nature were caused by anger from God, due to sin. He hadtraveled a great distance to be with Job during this terrible time. He was also, tragically,convinced that Job was, in a sense, doing this to himself; there was a secret sinsomewhere in his life that he was concealing, rather than confessing and repenting.Bildad even pulled the W Card: Wicked. Dear friend, you are wicked…evil… FromVerse 5 through the end of his lofty speech at Verse 21, he practically drags Job’s facethrough the fate of wicked (polar opposite of Godly) living. Though he may have onlywanted to help his friend Job, his arrogance escalated into insult. Bildad thought heknew the score with Job.

I truly admire Job for refusing to succumb to his friends’ words; I certainly can’t call Joba “people pleaser.” He knew he was right in God’s eyes: blameless and upright, fearingGod and shunning evil. He had lost his home, his family, and his health. Now that hisfriends are calling him “wicked,” his patience are almost gone, yet he keeps praising hisGod.

But as for me, I know that my Redeemer lives…” (Verse 25)*Personal Application Time*

As sinners, all of us are prone to arrogance. We can think we are “only trying to helppeople,” while everyone else in the room may see it for what it is. Consider this a plugfor accountability partners: Spending time with fellow Christian men and openingyourself up is a necessity for living Christ-like. I avoided this for most of my life, until Ibroke down and admitted to God that I needed help in walking with Him. He provided asmall, awesome group made up of guys that I likely wouldn’t have met otherwise. Themore I open up to these guys and allow their counsel in my life, the more I am blessed.More recently, he provided a group of men that discuss God’s Word every Wednesdaynight, 7:00 PM, at the new Covington IHOP. If you’re a man, and you’re reading this,you should join us (we’re on John 6!).

I’m still a sinner, and still need fixing, including, at times, arrogance. I am alwaysconvinced, though, that God is still working and moving.

Have you ever reached out to help someone, having good intentions, only to hurtthem in the process? What did you learn from this?

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