But, Why?

(Today's post by Marc Cannon)

Job 22-24

I think from the dawn of Mankind every adult has had the same exact, identical, tough conversation. A conversation so mind-boggling and frustrating you want to jab Q-Tips into your ears WAY too far. This conversation ends the same way for everyone…”Why”? I’m talking about having a conversation with any 5 year old that has ever graced this planet. Inevitably there is a battle between “Why” and “Because I said so” or “It just is”…”Why is the sky blue?” I know for a fact that every one of you have been in that conversation at least once in your life. Maybe even multiple times on both sides. Why?


Job is in a pinch here and his friends aren’t helping. He knows that his suffering has nothing to do with his actions towards God but doesn’t understand WHY this is happening to him. “Why did I lose my wealth”, “Why did ALL of my children die”, “Why am I suffering horrid physical pain”, is it because “God is God” and that’s the end all, to be all…”Because I said so”, maybe? If you think about our understanding of God and His ways, we’re far more “5 year oldish” than infinite and omniscient. Our reasoning and understanding of the way this Universe and God’s creation is set in motion and why He allows things to happen is infant-like at best.

Last night I watched Rick Warren’s first sermon since his son’s suicide 4 months ago. Why was a big part of that sermon. He has suffered, along with his family, through a terribly difficult time. At one point he even announced, unsurprisingly, that every person in attendance and watching online would suffer greatly in life. Just like Job. And, just like Job we’ll ask that question, “Why”? He then went on to explain that this world is broken. Of course we know that. But he also explained there are questions that each of us will inevitably ask and there will be no answer. This resonates with every single one of us: In our past, in our present and will in our future. Seems lonesome and daunting at times to think about, doesn’t it?

The 3 paragraphs above aren’t very encouraging, I must admit. In fact, it’s downright depressing. But, I was struck by something that Warren said, “Why. Doesn’t. Matter”. If you know “Why” you lost your job, “Why” your son took his own life, “Why” you suffer from cancer….Does that lessen the pain? Does that take away the suffering? Absolutely not! But we don’t have to know.

Proverbs 3: 5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; 6 in all your ways submit to Him, and He will direct your path.

When we are suffering the trials of Job, I encourage you to concentrate on what we do know, instead of the “Why”:

  • God Loves You! You were created as an object of that Love.
  • God is Sovereign over ALL situations and circumstances.
  • God works things out for the good in all situations for those who Love Him. Romans 8:28
  • God’s peace has no barrier.
  • God uses us through our tragedies to comfort those who face the same trial.

God’s love will comfort you, His sovereignty ensures you’re not alone, His plan is for the good, His peace can be found in every situation and his children are there to support you.

No matter the struggle, Joy can be found in those truths.

Are you struggling with “Why”s in your life?

Are you leaning on your own understanding?

What is your prayer today?

My prayer is that those of you who are struggling with trials find peace in God’s Love, Find support in his Children and find Joy in the promise that he is always, Always ALWAYS with you!


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  • Jeff Morton

    I had this conversation yesterday with a good friend of mine, who has endured probably a worse experience than his worst nightmare and we discussed how God was using it for His glory. I was floored at his perspective and the unexplainable peace God has given him. Great perspective Marc.

  • James Rooks

    I concur with Chris. Great read this morning. It can be so hard to clearly and legitimately convey the Christian world-view on suffering. Good job on a difficult topic.

  • Chris Queen

    Good stuff, Marc! Home run!

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