Grace for Ignorance and Irreverance

(Todays post by Marc Cannon)

1 Samuel 5:1-7:2

I know this may be somewhat inappropriate but after reading this section of 1 Samuel, I couldn’t help but find it humorous. I have a hard time with the discernment in the OT. Having a personal relationship with the Father and falling under a New Covenant with the Lord it’s hard for me to wrap my head around what God is trying to get across to me sometimes and how he handled situations before Jesus walked on this planet. In doing research I couldn’t help but think of God and how he handled total irreverence to his Word and covenant and it made me smile. The Philistines stole the Ark and what did he do?

  1. He made their idol, made simply of a natural resource, bow down to the Ark in reverence. They, the Philistines, stood it back up and the next day they came back and it was in the same position, only to have no hands and no head. Now that IS funny, I don’t care who ya are.
  2. He gave them hemorrhoids, staph infections and raided them with rats. (This of course is under scholar’s debate. Some say the plague was involved. No matter what it was it turned out very uncomfortable for the Philistines.)

I know all of this is no laughing matter and in this scripture you see that every living thing will succumb to the Will of God. I took a short break to ponder where I align in this set of scriptures and it didn’t take me long to see myself in this circumstance. As a member of the New Covenant that Jesus made on the Cross I carry that with me everywhere. My body is the temple and the Holy Spirit resides in me. My heart, where the Spirit resides is now my own personal ark.

The reason I find this so funny above is because I have also shared the irreverence to the Holy Spirit that the Philistines did. I have placed things before the Lord that had no business in my life. I laugh because I see the Dagons (god of the Philistines) in my life that I’ve placed in the presence of the Lord and He would push them over and eventually make them crumble. I’ve paid a physical consequence of my irreverence. I’ve suffered being overweight. Now I’ve lost nearly 80 pounds. I’ve suffered mentally from placing things before the will of my Father. The reason I laugh and smile when I read this is because of the Grace God has shown me. He even showed Grace to the Philistines who were handling the Ark outside of His commandments to the Israelites because they were ignorant of his commandments. He shows me Grace and I’m not ignorant of His commandments. I can’t help but smile and thank Him for allowing me the opportunity of realizing and basking in His Grace.

Thank you Father for the Grace and Mercy you extend to each of us! Remind each of us to live with Grace and Mercy for those who transgress against us and to accept Grace and Mercy when we are given it from those who we wrong.

  • Where has God shown you Grace and Mercy when you’ve been irreverent to him?
  • Do you show Grace and Mercy to those who have wronged you?
  • Do you accept Grace and Mercy from those who you have wronged?
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  • Once all this miraculous statue-bowing had commenced, the Philistine leaders decided they needed to talk about it. This Ark and this God wasn’t anything to be messed with. He was proving His point about His own holiness. He was making a loud statement that He would not tolerate ANYTHING being put before Him. So, what did the leader’s decide? They got rid of the Ark. They essentially said, “no” to the one true God.

    How many times have I seen God’s hand at work..felt the gentle correction of the Holy Spirit..only to say, “No” I’d rather just get rid of God, walking away from the Truth of the Word, neglecting the awesome privilege of conversation with my Father, and taking the “easy way out”?

    I have been ignorant and irreverent..and I am extremely thankful today for the Grace that Marc speaks of above.

    • Marc Cannon

      Trey, that’s exactly right. I have and can speak specifically in areas of my life where I have said no. Walking on the Holiness of the Lord has cost me direly. But the Grace HE extends is really incomprehensible to me as well. One of my downfalls in my walk is spreading my condemnation into that Grace. I don’t understand his Grace so often it makes me feel like I’m unable to receive it at times. Hence the prayer above to remind me that we/I need to accept that Grace. I’m now trying to “Lean not on your own understanding” more in my life because trying to think and react mentally like the God of this Universe is impossible. But that Love HE extends is unfathomable. Really, unfathomable.

  • Ksenator

    Great thoughts this morning Cannon. Grace is amazing. It can only come from one source, the originator of all things. Our expression of grace to another is simply his grace passed on. I am so thankful for Christ, who replaced sacrifices and fulfilled the law.

    • Marc Cannon

      Very simple, thought provoking and profound perspective, Brother. It’s certainly not groundbreaking that all good things come from God, but it is a little different, for me at least, to look at Grace as an aspect of the Father in our daily lives. Love that new perspective! Thanks for sharing.

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