Be Careful What You Ask For

(Today's post by Adam Cooper)

1 Samuel 7:3-8:22

We pick up the story of Samuel today interceding for the people of Israel as they stand against the Philistines yet again. Samuel, a devout man of God, had God’s ear at this time in Israel’s history and his faithfulness and dedication to God led the Israelites to victory.

We then are catapulted ahead to Samuel’s old age. His sons are following in the footsteps of Eli’s sons and have become corrupt and sinful. They go from judges to needing to be judged and this causes the people of Israel to begin to cry out for a king. Being a faithful man of God and a responsible servant to the Israelites, Samuel takes the people’s concerns to prayer. God answers Samuel telling him all that having a king will entail. As we find out when Samuel takes the Lord’s statements to the people, having a king will be less than glorious for the land of Israel. After hearing all of the negative that Samuel repeats from God’s lips, the Israelites choose a king anyway. God gave them what they wanted.

The takeaway from these verses: be careful what you ask for.

The Israelites were fed up with the corrupt and sinful ways in which Samuel’s sons were behaving and treating them since they had been judges. Samuel had always led them correctly in the eyes of the Lord. But the people want a king instead of more judges. God tells Samuel that this is no reflection on him but instead is a reflection of the degradation of Israelite society and their turning away from God…….AGAIN. Same story different day.

So how does this relate to us? Is there anything we can take from this and apply to our lives today?

I know that we are supposed to stay apolitical but this story reminds me of the past few years in political history in our own country and I believe that we should all take away a little caution from this tale of Samuel. I see the voters from the last two elections as the Israelites. Many were so desirous for change that they were willing to take that change no matter the consequences. No matter what negative was put out there it was ignored (just like with the Israelites). As the second political term continues and things arguably get worse, we must be careful to not be so desirous for change in the other direction that we are willing to take anything… matter the consequences. We must also understand that God is in total control now, just as He was in Samuel’s day. It doesn’t matter who we think should be in office, God will make sure that He uses whoever He puts there to bring about His glory. We must always remember to do our best to stay as Samuel, dedicated to the Lord; and through that dedication we will persevere until the end….no matter who is on the throne (or in the White House.)

Do you find yourself constantly thinking that the “grass is greener” on the other side or searching for the “bigger, better deal”..and ignoring the possible consequences?

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  • James Rooks

    Good points Adam. Seems like in the passages from today and from our contemporary examples, sometimes we get just what we ask for. When we pin our hopes on something that is not of God, we are always going to be left wanting more. The cycle repeats it self as much politically as it does personally in people’s lives.

  • Brice Hope

    Great post today. First off, I’m not very political and don’t know as much as I should about our government and the representatives I elect. But I agree there is many things from today’s reading that applies to us politically today. The main thing is that our hope and faith should ALWAYS be in Christ and not our government. We as a country continue to turn to the government for solutions of poverty, our health, our financial well being, peace and comfort. The only source for any of those things is in Christ and Christ alone. The main institution that God uses to provide those things for His people is the Church!

    But to be honest, I fall into the same trap myself. It may not be the government but I find myself not seeking Christ for all my needs. I trust in myself, my family, my friends and the culture around me to provide happiness I must always remember that Christ is King and he will provide.


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