Bad decisions..

(Today's post by Tim David)

1 Samuel 14

Just stop making bad decisions…seems like a “light bulb” moment to me. There have been plenty of times in my life when any observer could have shouted, “Stop…just stop. Don’t make any more decisions.” Anyone who knows me, knows my wife is definitely the smarter of the two of us. I started off, like most newly married guys, thinking I had all the answers. Judy would go along, in the early years, quietly keeping her opinion to herself. Nearly 12 years later both she and I know, I have no business making decisions without having her poke holes in my “brilliant” decision. If only Saul had a confidant who would lead him down the right path.

Saul would have done well to take a note or two from his son. Jonathan’s faith is incredible. He and his armor bearer just walk up and kill off an entire outpost. I don’t think Jonathan was a “Jason Bourne” type guy, but his faith is incredible. He let God take the lead. I have to wonder…what did the armor bearer think? Regardless, he goes along with the plan…the earthquake helps out and the Philistines scatter.

Here is where Saul and his poor decisions start…Saul doesn’t wait for the priest to get there – which leads to Saul not acknowledging God – which leads to a foolish oath – which leads to Jonathan breaking the oath – which leads to the men breaking the law of Moses – which leads to Saul wanting to kill Jonathan. Yes, there is something good to come out of Saul – he conquered the Amalekites. However, Saul’s lot was cast…his lineage is not going to continue. So why doesn’t he pull up, repent, and start making good decisions? I can’t answer that for Saul…but I can ask and answer that myself.

I know I make bad decisions…I make them all the time, but I don’t think we’re captive to them. Everyone falls out of God’s plan for their lives – it’s called sin. Sin takes on a lot of different forms, but we can confess and move on. After all I’ve seen God do, it still seems unnatural to hand the decision making ability to someone else…but when things turn out – for some reason I rest easy.

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