I find it very interesting that God chose this particular tribe to handle the sacrifice to the Lord. It was through this line. What happened? Was Eli a crappy dad? Why did his sons do this?

Well, I do not think it is very hard to see why it happens at all. I see it all around me and it doesn’t take long. One day you are following the Lord, holding close to Him. A little later, looking to your own insight for guidance and taking His grace for granted.

But there is more to it. The very strength of the family, is also the very weakness in I Samuel 2:12-36. In fact, it gets so bad that God judges the house of Eli, cutting life short for the entire family.

Normally I would react in my flesh to the story and scorn those brothers for bringing down wrath from God on their father’s house. But lately I have found myself with a different approach.

I find it more helpful to see why?What really happened? In the lives of the brothers, what replaced God? What needs to be restored? The power that was given to them went unchecked. It was sin that was allowed to grow to a point that one final word from Eli did nothing to stop the fire that was burning out of control.

Every one of us have been entrusted with something precious. With accountability, time with each other, forgiveness of sin, and prayer, we can stay under His wing of Grace. But go outside of this covering for very long, the consequence of sin brings death.

Look for opportunity to walk with another this week. Ask for help from a brother if you need some accountability.

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