Third Time Is The Charm

Third times a charm

I read today’s reading Judges 20 pretty fast, just to get a feel for it. I was so awestruck by the attrocious behavior that led to the fight. But something really struck me about the rest of the story.

Have you ever been working through an issue with God and keep hitting a wall? Have you ever lost hope and took matters into your own hands? In Judges 20, Israel end up whipping the Benjamites, but it took something different.

Imagine having 400,000 soldiers (swordsmen), like Israel. Now, think of the human condition if faced with adversity. What are the normal options that we face as people?

Check out the enemy and come up with a plan on how to win with out powerful minds.
Stay utterly dependent on God no matter what, even if it means losing thousands of men.

I must say, in my life, if I hit a wall and end up racking up some heavy price tags, I tend to think that I am doing something wrong. In this case, who knows the mind of God. Personally I have a hard time with God tempting people, or even testing them. I tend to think God always has our best interest at heart and is ready to direct and encourage us.

Stay with it, press into God, ask Him for direction/permission, move emphatically. We have a unique opportunity to take an identity problem, like idolotry with Israel, or any character defect for that matter in our lives, to learn something very valuable if we pay attention.

Take a look around, maybe even in your own life, do you commonly try solve problems without God? What character or identity problems do you typically deal with?

What about being a quitter? What type of character or identity problems relate tot his?

And last, remain utterly dependent on God?

Like we see with Israel, they had an opportunity like many times before, but they stayed the course. The kept pressing into God. In the end, God allowed Israel the victory, but it had heavy cost.

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  • James Rooks

    Good stuff man. How often do we really pay attention to everything around us and see where and how God is moving? Many times i’ve been so focused on how things are “going ” for me that all I see is me. I have a feeling we’d be able to hang in their with the plan a little longer if we kept our eyes on Him.

  • Steven Gregory

    Don’t we live in such a “microwave society”? Unfortunately being raised as men who make things happen we, especially me push what we want to be or think should or would be Gods will instead of listening.

  • Lem Hill

    What I take away from this chapter is how the Isrealites trusted in God even when victory seemed impossible. Often times when I ask God for help and guidance in my life and I don’t see immediate results, I try to fix the situation myself. About 99.9% of the time this turns into a disaster. This chapter is a great reminder that I should always trust in God and stay the course. Even when things don’t go the way I want them to go, I need to remember that God has a plan for my life and often times that is a lot different than what I had in mind.

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