The Book of Ruth and a lil’ Humble Pie


Ruth – A seemingly obscure book sandwiched in the Old Testament that only makes up .003% of the literal text of the entire Bible. 1 of 66 books and 4 of 1189 chapters that makes up God’s word. I’m charged with giving perspective on the first 2 chapters of Ruth today and in my reading I was thinking to myself “What in these two chapters is worth commenting on… Ruth, Really? I mean NOTHING really that big happened, right? No parting of the sea, no getting eaten by whales, no raining frogs. So, why am I writing about a woman in a men’s blog?” I even mentioned it to a reader of this blog leaving church. Ruth? Why couldn’t my turn to write be on David and Goliath or the Burning Bush? That’s when the Holy Spirit opened my heart and broke it down like this for me, “Marc, these 2 tiny chapters about women are filled with the traits I want to see in your life, My Traits” – Loyalty – Character – Courage – Initiative – Hard Work – Selflessness – Faith. WHAO! Anyone else want a slice of Humble Pie?

Ruth stayed by Naomi’s side so she wouldn’t be alone, Loyalty & Selflessness. Ruth moved to a foreign land knowing no one and being of a different race, Courage. Ruth took it upon herself to work and work diligently, initiative & hard work. Ruth obeyed God (And she wasn’t even a Jew), Faith. Add all that up, Character! I have tried to correlate Ruth’s story with someone famous of today to make it easy to relate. That turned out to be a daunting task. The truth be told, the people who I look up to for these personal characteristics are people I know. My Mother & Father, my pastor, my accountability partners, my 2 mentors and even a couple of you that I know read this blog. All of these people exhibit the traits of Ruth and through her obedience to God she left an amazing legacy. Not only did God bless her while she walked this planet but she was King David’s great-grandmother and a direct ancestor of Jesus. WOW! And she wasn’t even Jewish. This is a perfect picture of God’s impartiality. God uses Men & Women of all races. Big, tall, short or small, God loves us all.

As I stated above I didn’t really have the desire to write about Ruth. But through this, what I picture to be a small, polite, mousy woman I have gained MASSIVE perspective in who the Lord wants me to be. He wants me to be Ruth!!!

Wait, WHAT?

Yep, he wants me to be a woman. I’m Humbled. He wants me to live with the loyalty of Ruth, the Faith of Ruth, the Courage of Ruth, the work ethic of Ruth and with that comes unbelievable Character. Which means, in short, stand by the side of those you love, work hard no matter what you do, stand outside of your comfort zone and live BOLDLY, do the right thing always even when no one is looking and Love God with all my Heart. Things weren’t easy for Ruth. She was a foreigner who cut wheat and that was back breaking work. But she was blessed with plenty and her brief appearance in the Bible is enough to humble this man’s heart and her legacy is matched by only a few. God gave me 2 points to meditate on through this scripture.

1. Be Humble
2. Seek Him in everything I do because I never know when he may reveal something so profound it’s life changing.

This scripture divinely challenges me today!

How do you relate to the plight of Ruth?
Where is the Lord humbling you today or in the past?


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  • James Rooks

    Marc, sorry to be late to the party on this one. better late than never though. great perspective on Ruth today. So many times we miss the miraculous that is hidden in the ordinary because we are looking for it in the extraordinary. God can (and does) show us some pretty miraculous things in what might seem mundane or ordinary if we just look for it.
    Also, in the book of Ruth there is some pretty awesome Messianic foreshadowing with Ruth, Boaz, and Naomi…worth looking into.

  • Jeff Morton

    I just read “never let go” and it is a GOD story where every fault and failure is tied together (hence the reference here) I tend to get very bogged down in the mundane but God is at work in EVERY circumstance, I’m pretty forgetful, till I get whacked in the head with a story like Ruth,Samson’s momma, or nehemiah. People who aren’t forgetful are rare and stand out…. Why else would God tell Joshua to stack up rocks as a reminder after crossing the Jordan. (you would think the circumcision with a rock couldn’t be forgotten!) thankful for HIS relentless pursuit after my soul!

  • Steven Gregory

    Thanks Marc, Ruth took a chance and did what seemed a lowly job and was blessed by God. After all Ruth and Naomi went through they still followed God.

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