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Judges 5

Okay, first I’m going to apologize in advance to all of you native Atlanta fans, but this author is from Chicago. Reading Judge 5 brought me back to a time that was golden for us…1985. The Chicago Bears had THE team…almost every player was a class in their own right. Then they did what no other team before or since did, they recorded the Super Bowl shuffle. Not only did this team record this single, they made video. Looking back at it now, I think everyone chuckles at their singing/rapping talent; but, no one can deny how they dominated their opponents that year! Each one of those guys had their own type of character, but by the end of the video they were back together as a team. The uniqueness of the Super Bowl Shuffle came from its originality and what happened on the field that 15-1 season culminating with a 46-10 Super Bowl victory.

Deborah may not have written this song the day after the victory, but much like the producers in Chicago, she wanted to make sure everyone knew what happened there. Matthew Henry’s commentary helps point out that Deborah divides this song up into a few sections: Praise and glory to God (vs. 1-5), The distress and deliverance of Israel. (vs 6-11), Some commended, others censured (vs 12-23), and Sisera's mother disappointed. (vs.24-31). I found myself reading through this trying to pick up a tune that this would work with, and of course couldn’t because I have no redeeming musical talent, but that wasn’t the point. This was a song that the Israelites could remember what happened when they allowed God to dominate their opponent.

Deborah didn’t have any special talent, but God allowed her to become a superstar who we some odd thousand years later are reading about. Lord knows, not even Chicago fans will remember a great season that long. My take away here is, are there ANY momentous victories in my life that are song worthy? If so, did I give God the glory, or did I take for myself? If not, how do I get on a track to be in the position I need to be in. Getting to the “show” isn’t the problem – we are Christians we have the talent – are we going to be fit enough for God to use, so we can have our song written?

Can you name a recent WIN in your life and give God the glory for it below?


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  • scott alexander

    As I try to think of a specific recent win in my life, nothing immediately comes to mind. What it really got me thinking about is giving God the glory for everyday wins- for providing for my needs, for letting me live free, for all of the comforts he has granted me that I don’t deserve. May the glory be to God in all things!

  • Marc Cannon

    Reading this I started thinking about how often I well up with pride when I do something well or extraordinary. Which seems to be the norm in my life. Yesterday I was playing golf with some guys from Eastridge and hit one the better golf shots I’ve ever made in my illustrious golfing career. From 175 yards out I stuck the ball, with backspin, 6 inches from the cup. When I saw where the ball had ended up (A professional caliber approach shot) I welled up with pride again! As I walked up on the 12th green at The Oaks the sense that came over me wasn’t “Wow, I’m great”…Which is what I was thinking on the way to the green, but the sense of “Praise Me” … “Give Me the glory for this shot and the beauty of this place”. So I thanked Him … Just a simple Thank you Lord for this moment. I didn’t even want to say thank you to the players with me for congratulating me on the shot. Is this a Victory? Maybe not. What does the shot matter? Nothing really, other than it was a moment in time where I got the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the moment that the Lord allowed me to enjoy and thank him for it.

    I’ve started doing this a lot more over the past few months actually. Just in simple times. While I’m fishing, cooking, enjoying the taste of a particular drink or food. Yesterday I posted “Praise Him above all else” on my Facebook account and that’s usually not something I would post. But it sort of kicked off the theme I’ve had over the past few days. Literally, praise Him for everything. The humor I enjoy, the way things taste or feel, the colors we see the sounds we enjoy. He’s the cause of all that is good. But especially Praise Him in our victories. He’s called me to reach thousands. To be bigger than just a bible study leader (Which there is nothing wrong with). I never thought I would be worth anything in his Kingdom other than just a church goer. I was wrong…He’s called me to the reach the world and he’s given me the avenue to do so. I’ll be going to Costa Rica in July and I’m being mentored at the moment to be a mentor to hundreds if not thousands. I don’t say that with selfish pride but with astonishment. I’m astonished that I get to take part in that and I’ve been chosen to play a part in reaching the WORLD! The God of the Universe wants to use me for something other than sitting in a chair or pew on Sundays. That’s the Super Bowl Win in my life! Just like Deborah and the rest of the cast of unusual characters in the entire biblical narrative, God uses those who are the least. From where I came from to where I’m going I sit here writing this in Praise! Thank You Lord for all you’ve done and a what you’re preparing each of us for!

  • Brad Bacon

    My oldest child has been struggling with some issues lately. Yesterday he approached Scott M directly to share and seek his counsel. This made me very proud of him – but MORESO I know this “win” is all because of God working in my son’s life. Thank you God for this huge step and for working in my children’s lives!

  • Keith Senator

    The most captivating thought from this passage is the connection that we as people have to story. As our church is walking through the parables of Jesus, I am more in tune with this idea. Jesus teaches in the new testament through story, it is the most captivating method of delivery we know. In this passage, the story will be told for generations, as noted already by Tim. A story resonates and it is powerful. But a song carries with another fingerprint, the story must be told the same way or the song doesn’t make sense. God uses story every day in each of our lives. The question is, does it bear repeating.

  • Andy Mitchell

    I love praise and worship. I even, in limited fashion, share with my church from time to time. This scripture is a song praising what God has done to defeat the enemy for His people. I also love how this chapter ends: “And the land had REST for forty years.” When the work is done and the enemy is defeated, we can REST. I love seeing the Gospel in the O.T. We see it here again. Jesus defeated the enemy for us in His life, death, and resurrection. He says in Matthew 11:28-30: “Come to me, all who are heavy laden, and I will give you REST. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” Jesus WON for me. And because of that I have REST and am free to lose. This allows me to weather storms in this life and failures because my identity and worth is secure IN HIM. He gets ALL of the glory in that.

  • Jeff Morton

    I struggle with understanding the depth of many of the OT praises and psalms. I guess as an American I can’t relate to the same struggles. As I begin to mature in faith, I am starting to understand more and more the internal spiritual battles that rage regardless of situation or stature. That said I enjoyed this comparison. What is the most recent victory in my life? It is the influx of people from my past all asking one question “you’re different, what happened?” I am not skilled, or mature enough to answer that question. And I hope I never get that way! All I can do is point to Jesus, and say if you seek him it 12+ years to understand what was going on but, HE changed me! I’m still in awe when I think about it.

    • that IS a win, Jeff. thanks for sharing. and thanks for being humble enough to give God ALL the glory for changing you.. like the blind man healed by Jesus.. when asked by the religious leaders what happened and who did this? all he could say was, “i once was i see”. so you keep telling that story over and over and over and over..YEAH!!

  • Steven Gregory

    Tim, thanks for writing this. As I sat pondering of recent wins I began thinking of how blessed we are as a nation. Being blessed in so many ways I fear allows us to take for granted what God has done for us. I feel God has showed me that instead of worrying about business i should trust in him. God has blessed me so much even though I do not keep focused on him nearly the way I should. Thank you lord!

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