Mirror Mirror on the Wall I’m the Baddest Man of them All

(Today's post from Marc Cannon)

Judges 14-15

*Before reading this post grab a mirror or get somewhere that you can see the reflection of your mug.

Say it with me, “Samson”…”SAMSON”…. say it proud and loud!, “SAMSON!” What man in his right mind doesn't want to be like Samson? Pretty much the baddest dude to have ever walked the planet. Who wouldn't want to know that if someone crossed you the smack down you would lay upon them would be monumental – Picture Ali vs. Justin Beiber. His power was incomprehensible…I know I wish I had the ability to rip a lion apart with my own hands. The possibilities of accomplishment would literally be endless for you or I if we were anywhere remotely similar to Samson. Can I get an AMEN? AMEN!

I want each of you to grab that mirror right now and take a look at yourself. In your truck/car, office, home, the window of a storefront, or reflection off the lake … Are you looking yet? Without further ado I’d like to introduce you to Samson! That man staring back at you in the mirror is Samson. Wait, WHAT? You heard me right. Each and every one of us carries the same strength Samson did. We possess powers beyond human understanding. Exciting news right?! I truly cannot wrap my head around Samson going through a thousand Philistines with the jawbone of a donkey. I’ve known a few donkey’s in my day and while they’re hardy animals I don’t know if it’s the weapon I’d quite choose to tussle with 1,000 of the meanest moochachoes the planet has to offer.

God gave Samson extraordinary gifts and talents. What did Samson do with those talents? For the vast majority of his life he wasted them, used them for his own gain and hoarded them with pride. What God had in mind for those talents to be used for, for the most part they weren't. God overwhelmed him with his own strength and Samson destroyed people with it and used that power for his own gain and pleasure.

Have you put the mirror down yet? I’m sure you’ve figured out by now where this is going. But pick the mirror back up and take another look. But take a longer look this time. Staring back at you: That’s Samson. God has given each of you gifts and talents. And those talents are equally as impressive as Samson’s super human pythons hanging off his shoulders. You may have physical talents and gifts, super human spiritual gifts, the gift of council, leadership, musical gifts, public speaking…the ability to catch a bear with a roll of duct-tape and a paperclip. Each of you men have been unbelievably blessed with talents and gifts. Just like Samson. And, unfortunately, Just like Samson, we’ve all fallen short on using those gifts as the Lord intended. To be utterly transparent with you, I have failed miserably with the gifts the Lord has given me. Blessed with musical talent, artistic talents, athletic talents, the gift of council, leadership and many more that I can think of as I sit here and write. I have squandered them all, used them for my own gain with pride and some I’ve let get stale and rot. That’s not how the Lord intended these gifts to be used. They’re intent is to be used for God’s Glory first and to give thanks every day to have the super human ability to use these gifts we’ve graciously received from the Father.

Keep looking in the mirror! Samson is still looking back at you. All is not lost, Brothers. Despite the way Samson squandered his gifts and the strength that the Lord overwhelmed him with he was stilled used by God. I can see evidence of that in my life. The Lord uses me in spite of my unwillingness at times to use my talents. I know none of us have assurance of tomorrow but, just like Samson, we can start a new. We can embrace those gifts and talents that the Lord has so graciously blessed us with and first: Thank Him for them giving Him ALL the Glory! Second: Offer them to his service for His use in us and His Glory will be seen through us.

What Superhuman Gifts and Talents has the Lord blessed you with? Are you using those as he intended?

Where can you start to utilize those Samson like gifts for God’s Glory today?


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  • Jeff Morton

    First of all to each of you who are posting these…. Thank you for your honesty, and humility in sharing your thoughts! Second, yesterday and today have kicked me in the shins. I am Sampson! I have the ability and general hardheadedness to do anything I set my mind to. I have always taken pride in that. I’m currently struggling with the fact that when I do win, I want credit, I want praise, I want recognition. I did this! Thus robbing God of his glory and praise. I have began to accept less for fear of stealing God’s glory. Just my ramblings on a difficult balance! Thanks for the thought provoking pot!

    • Jeff Morton

      Post, post…. Not pot!

  • Brad Bacon

    Great post and conversation guys. The 1000 dudes with a jawbone always makes me go WOW. Just another testament that our God is ALL powerful.

  • Andy Mitchell

    I’m not sure I read about Samson and want to assume a burden that I was meant to be this superhuman or have that kind of powerful impact. God is sovereign over that. What a let down when it is NOT about me and that doesn’t happen.
    Samson’s story is more of a foreshadow of our need for a Hero. God annointed Samson and raised him up to show the Israelites what it takes to free them. They were so far gone in their sin that they turned their back on God and what Samson was doing. They do it in Judges 15:9-12. They didn’t realize they needed a Champion (Samson) and sometimes neither do we. We need Christ daily to defeat sin in our life. Jesus is our Champion who freed us from the power of sin. God raised up Judges and Kings and heroes throughout the Old Testament that did great things but ultimately failed. It should ALL point us to Christ whose FINISHED WORK accomplished what God promised His people. Anytime we see the Holy Spirit on someone back then, it meant warfare was coming. The same goes for us now. The Holy Spirit is there to give us power in warfare, reminding us of the gospel and pointing us to Jesus alone.

  • Lisa Harris

    As I was reading the scripture this morning I was having a hard time applying it to myself. Thanks for bringing it home Marc.

    • Marc Cannon

      I’m glad to be a vessel for the Lord to speak. TGBTG.

  • Brice Hope

    Many days I feel the same way, that many of my talents are wasted, unused, or pilfered for my own glory. But God’s grace is amazing that he uses the lack of my wise stewardship to still bring glory to him.

    Samson may have squandered some of his talents, but in the end God still used Samson to punish the Philistines. Many times God works through me the same way. In spite of where I fall short, God is gracious to still use me o proclaim His name.

    • Marc Cannon

      I can’t wait to beat down some Philistines!

  • Jill Hill

    Great post Marc. Awesome insight. Love how God knows all our weaknesses, but chooses to infuse us with His strength. For His glory. A beautiful thing.

    Jill Hill

    • Dudes only, Ms. Hill. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      • Jill Hill

        Well, Mr. Bailey–I distinctly remember you posting on a SHINE girls post or two. 😉 all is fair……

        • Hey that’s different..I AM a SHINE girl..wait..I mean..no..what I’m saying is..you know..the thing is..ok ok..welcome to the Normal Guys..now behave in here..

          • Marc Cannon

            I’m proud to be a ‘Normal Guy’

          • Brice Hope

            I guess this is better than being a “Regular Guy”, right?

    • Marc Cannon

      Jill, mmmm….That’s an odd name for a dude. You must be French?!

      Thanks but it’s God’s divine wisdom not my own that spoke today.

  • Lem Hill

    Great post Marc. . I think it is amazing that God has given all of us different gifts to use to further his kingdom. I know a lot of times my own insecurities prevent me from using the gifts that God has given me. All throughout the Bible God uses ordinary people to do extrodinary things. Today I choose to focus on my strengths and not my weaknesses.

    • Britt Ozburn

      I’ve found that a speciality of the enemy is to manipulate insecurities in order to keep me held down and keep me from using abilities the Lord has given me. But that’s a great reminder: God used, and still uses, ordinary people to do extraordinary things!

    • Marc Cannon

      You said a mouthful Bro. Insecurities. I’m full of them! And those insecurities cause me to limit myself and to think my talents aren’t good enough. But that’s not really fair to the Lord who crafted those talents. It’s something I have been wrestling with lately.

    • Steven Gregory

      Lem, while reading the chapters and Marc’s commentary I kept thinking in my mind how I don’t have any great talents or abilities. After reading your comment I thought, wow that’s insecurities, he is right. Really, Samson was nothing or should I say normal without God.

  • Chrissy Whisenhunt

    Will definitely start looking for Samson today. Never under estimate God’s purpose can be as great as for each of us if we follow him as Moses, David, Isaiah, and Daniel did and amazing things unfolded for His Glory.

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