Life Has Valleys

[Today’s guest post if from Scott Moore, Lead Pastor at Eastridge Community Church. For today’s reading from 2 Samuel 17 click here.]

For the Lord ordained…

For the Lord purposed…

After receiving good counsel from Ahithophel, Absalom sought the counsel of Hushai…because the Lord ordained it. Even though Absalom was in Jerusalem seated in his father’s throne…God was still sovereign. God’s purposes for David, Israel…the world had not changed. All of them would still come to pass.

  • How quick are we to see harsh circumstances and suspect that God has changed his plans…
  • That God’s favor has departed…
  • That life is  spiraling out of control?

Situations can produce incredible feelings of loneliness, fear, insecurity and maybe even abandonment. We may doubt our calling and even our salvation.

Never trust our feelings but always trust the Word and character of our God. David does this so well. Even in the darkest times when his own son is pursuing him to take his life.

Why? Look at the Psalms for his love of the law.


It is exciting and inspirational to read about David when all his battles end in victory… life seems to be success followed by success.

But that is not life.

Life has valleys…and I like the way David lives in the valleys. This could be one of his greatest battles ever.

Do you feel like you are in a valley?
Is it difficult to take solace in David’s example, and his writings in Psalms (23).

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