I Love This Place..

I make no bones about it..I LOVE Newton County.

I was born and raised here..I like telling people, “I’m a native.”

I had the opportunity to leave and go live in the big city..or anywhere else..but I had an epiphany and realized that whatever I didn’t like about my small hometown, well, I could try and fix (or influence). Change isn’t easy..it never is. It often comes at great cost..and sometimes we aren’t even alive to see the change fully occur. But we can lay the ground work and infrastructure for the generations to come. If we all work together. There are still some things I’d love to see change about our little town..but there’s plenty I’d love to see remain. Therein lies the tension that must be managed.

So, I’m hunkered down.

I want my kids to grow up and experience Newton County life, maybe not JUST like I did, but something close, that still sets them up to succeed in the future. Not a backwards backwoods refuse to change community..but a place that embraces everyone and thinks locally as well as globally..

With all that said, I am excited about what The Newton County Collaborative and The Center for Community Preservation and Planning have decided to do. They are hosting five different events at five different locations in Newton County to CELEBRATE OUR HOME!

These events will showcase the wonderful amenities and assets of Newton County through “food, fun, and facts!”

Come enjoy activities and entertainment for all ages!!

For more information, visit the Celebrate Our Home website, Facebook page, or follow on Twitter.

And I hope to see you at one of the events!

(If you or your church love Newton County and would like to get involved with this event..please contact Anna Liddick here.)

[I will be there with Eastridge Community Church at the Eastside High School event on March 17th and Gary Thompson will be at the Alcovy High School event on March 24th. Come see us!]

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