When Leadership Becomes About the Leader.. (guest post)

I make no bones about it, my pastor is one of my best friends in the world. We share our hearts with one another on a regular basis. Our victories and our failures. Our wins and our losses. And we are honest with each other about our struggles. Everyone needs a friend like that, right?

He is one of the most humble men I know. A far cry from arrogance. I think the church (and the world) need more servant leaders like him.

We also follow the same Bible reading plan and email each other daily to discuss what God is teaching us through the scriptures (this is also the reason for the current revival of this blog). And today Scott Moore had a wonderful leadership take-away from 1 Samuel 28.

Reckless…self-destructing…spiraling…it is difficult to watch.

Why wouldn’t the Lord answer Saul’s request…because Saul was no longer suppose to be King. He was following in his own story plan. He was not really seeking the will of God but deceiving himself into thinking He was still God’s chosen man.

Then, as he is seeking the Lord, he once again deliberately breaks the Law of the one He has been seeking by going to a medium! God shocks the medium by actually allowing Samuel to appear (these people were usually just tricksters like they are today).

Samuel then tells him you and your sons will join me today.

Sin…deception…denial…fear…disillusioned…grasping for some sign of hope…some bit of favor from God.

Saul had the opportunity to be a great King. Saul was more concerned about Saul than he was the plans of God.

What a horrible place to be when positions of leadership become about the leader.

How much better things would have been for Saul if he would have adopted the attitude of Jonathon towards David and his reign. Instead, Saul goes down in History as a fearful, insecure, jealous, disobedient, murderous, and greedy King of Israel.

Strong leadership warning for all of us who lead our families, businesses, ministries and so on.

Have you ever seen organizations fall when everything is built on the leader?
That’s just too much pressure and focus on one person..

I also posted about arrogance in the past. I don’t know that Scott would ever get the label “arrogant” because he’s just too dang nice and humble. Myself on the other hand..well..I’ve been called the name a time or two..so..I heed the warning above but I keep these thoughts about arrogance close to me.

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