What Will People Say..

What will people say..when you’re dead.

Death, an inescapable inevitability.
It is something we don’t like to talk about.
But when it slaps you in the face..well..you must think about it.

This past week I was surrounded by death..

  • two unexpected funerals for church members (one girl was my age)
  • a massive stroke by a 39 year old guy I know (he’s still in ICU, but there was a death scare)
  • Whitney Houston’s story has been all over the news and the Grammy’s
  • my dewdes small group watched the first DVD for Not A Fan (the main character dies within the first three minutes)
  • in our small group debrief time a friend shared about losing someone close to him very recently
  • the Not A Fan material itself suggests our followership of Jesus costs us everything (we die to self)
  • and then while reading 1 Samuel 31 this morning, we read that Saul and three of his sons die..

But the thing that hit me the hardest this week was a question in the Not A Fan leader’s material. It was this question:

If you suddenly died, and family and friends were asked for one thing about you, what do you believe they would say?


We know death is imminent. We shouldn’t fear it. But are we prepared for it. I mean, does what you WANT people to say at your funeral line up with your CURRENT reality? If not, now is the time to do something about that.

My life trajectory may very well change this week, as I chew on that question, after all, that’s the purpose of this Not A Fan study, right?

What do you HOPE people say about you when you die? (write it down)
Now, seeing it in front of you, what things do you need to change so that those words are spoken at your funeral?

(a little morbid today, I know..but just sharing where I’m at with you..)

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