No Returns..All Sales Final

Have you ever gotten a gift at Christmas, smiled and said, “thank you,” but then couldn’t get to the store fast enough to return it!?!

Then you see that haunting sign..


It looks like you’re stuck with that “gift” of a loud, out-dated, Bill Cosby sweater.

So..maybe you hide it in a closet..or slide it off to someone else..or worse yet..maybe you just go ahead and wear it?

We have all have been given divine gifts, as well. Gifts that we use to honor our God and build his kingdom.

But each of you has your own gift from God; one has this gift, another has that.  1 Corinthians 7:7

Through countless spiritual gift surveys, practical daily circumstances, and years of experience, I have been diagnosed with the gift (or curse) of “administration” (see What Is My One Thing? for a link to a good spiritual gifts inventory test.)

Administration is a tough one in the church world of mercy and grace.

Administration can feel cold.

Administration can seem procedural.

Administration asks a lot of “Why do we do it that way?” questions.

And just recently I’ve been described as:

  • brash
  • intimidating
  • frustrating
  • stifling
  • exasperating
  • and worst of all..I’ve been accused of being more concerned with systems than with people.

Doesn’t that sound like a wonderful gift from God?

Now don’t get me wrong..”administration” is not my license to sin and be self-absorbed..after all, I believe Christ is still at work in me..and I am aware of my own struggles and insecurities..I’m not trying to say that I am not sinful and that I don’t fall into the traps of administration such as manipulation, power-wielding, and pride. I do not believe that all of my current actions are completely Christ-like..and that is something that I, in my flesh, will always battle.

Some of the tensions come with the territory.

It’s hard to make that Bill Cosby sweater look good, of fit right, or even popular..

but it will keep you serves a function..maybe not always a pretty one..but it just may be an extremely valuable addition to the wardrobe on a cold day.

For God’s gifts and his call are irrevocable. -Romans 11:29

What gift do you have that sometimes seems ill-fitting or misunderstood?

Do you ever want to try and return it for a more popular gift?

And take heart..God’s gifts and his call are returns..He made you and me like we are..embrace it..He made us this way for a reason..

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  • Evanposey


    Take heart. These are good things to think about. I am reminded of a quote by Spurgeon…

    “He who can feel his insensibility is not insensible. Those who mourn that their heart is a heart of stone, if they were to look calmly at the matter might perceive that it is not all stone,or else there would not be a mourning because of hardness.”

    The fact that you are concerned about the prospect of being “clinical”, “brash”, or “exasperating” is a good indicator of where your heart is. Persevere my friend. We strive for the opinion, not of men, but of God. (Luke 16:15)



    • thanks Evan..that’s a good word..
      i love the body of Christ..and all of it’s integral parts..
      they are all needed to make the body complete..
      i’m blessed to be on a staff of folks who “understand” me and my quirks.. gifts from the Lord.
      hope you are well?

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