Willow, Endora, Prue, Sabrina, Samantha and ME?!?

This is NOT a post about witchcraft, warlocks, wicca, or even vampires!

(Those silly TV witches seem pretty harmless anyway.)

As I was reading this morning in 1 Samuel 15, I stumbled across this verse:

Rebellion is as sinful as witchcraft,
and stubbornness as bad as worshiping idols. (1 Samuel 15:23 NLT)

And well..that makes ME equal with the folks who worship other gods and things!?! WHAT!?!

I know!

I have a strong rebellious streak (maybe we all do deep down somewhere). And its quite ironic, really. I like rules. I make rules. I enforce rules. I appreciate the structure and order of rules. But there is a powerful part in me that doesn’t like to be bound by them. At times dances around the grey lines. And other times I just flat out rebel against them.

So..according to this Old Testament book, I’m as sinful as a witch.

The last part of that verse is a no-brainer. I know fewer mules that are more stubborn than myself. And Samuel calls me out again. This time saying I’m as bad as an idol worshiper. Blah!

So much for a pick-me-up this morning.

Conviction is heavy..I don’t want to be evil..I want the fruit of the Spirit to be evident in every breath I take and every action I make. So, this morning I confess my penchant for rebellion and stubbornness..and I submit my personal will today to that of the Father..and I lay down my selfish stubborn pride.

(And maybe I can catch an episode of Bewitched on Netflix!?)

Do you struggle with rebellion and/or stubbornness too?


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  • Jennifer Hilland

    I love how you put things, Trey!

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