Scandalous Grace

Grace is a gift.
I don’t deserve it.
I have done nothing to earn it.
If thoughts & actions alone have earned me punishment before a perfect and holy judge.
But that’s where grace comes in.
Given to me.

King Saul’s son, Jonathan, received this same grace. After disobeying his father’s orders to fast until the victory had been won and becoming the scapegoat for Israel’s failing military campaign, Saul confronts his son:

“Tell me what you have done,” Saul demanded of Jonathan.
“I tasted a little honey,” Jonathan admitted. “It was only a little bit on the end of my stick. Does that deserve death?”
“Yes, Jonathan,” Saul said, “you must die! May God strike me and even kill me if you do not die for this.” (1 Samuel 14:43, 44 NLT)

So King Saul is ready to rightfully punish his son with death. Then the people intervene:

But the people broke in and said to Saul, “Jonathan has won this great victory for Israel. Should he die? Far from it! As surely as the LORD lives, not one hair on his head will be touched, for God helped him do a great deed today.” So the people rescued Jonathan, and he was not put to death. (1 Samuel 14:45 NLT)

This is grace.
Jonathan did not get what he deserved.
Someone intervened.
And I don’t get what I deserve either.
Because someone intervened.
Today I am thankful for a gift I could never earn..grace.

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  • I’ve always been great at giving grace…Accepting it myself….Well that’s another story. 

    • for real..I’ve heard Brad & Renee teach on this at Celebrate Recovery..forgiving ourselves has to be one of the hardest things in the world..

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