Saying Stupid “CRAP” When Leading Worship

Sunday second service at Eastridge Community Church..

following a powerful worship experience..

singing strong lyrics like “nothing can separate us, even if I ran away, Your love never fails” and “I may be weak, but Your Spirit’s strong in me; my flesh my fail, but my God you never will”..

then while setting up our time of communion..the Lord’s Supper..a reverent remembrance of our Savior’s redeeming work on the cross..

I begin praying..



but in front of 400 folks..

and somewhere in that moment of authenticity as I try to find the right words to express my genuine gratefulness for what Christ has rescued me from..

I refer to that “stuff” as CRAP..

apparently right there in the corporate prayer time..I thank God for seeing through all of our CRAP..

people wriggle with discomfort..

some giggle..

I soldier on as if nothing has happened..but..

Did I kill the moment?
Did I use poor self-control in a corporate worship setting?
Was I disrespectful to the Father?

I’m all over the place on this one..

part of me laughs..and part of me is embarrassed..I’m not a dumb guy..there are plenty of other words I could’ve used there that would’ve made the point..and NOT been a distraction.. weigh in..

What do you think?
Would that language distract you?
Would you think twice about it?

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  • HL

    It’s good to know I’m not alone. Been there !

  • gflo

    I thought it was perfect.

  • Grant

    There is a lot of harder language in the Bible.some of it spoken from God himself. Idint thinkthe words crap bothers him. I’m sure he calls our crap the same thing (CRAP!!!!!) That’s just what it is. So your crap is okay with me lol

  • Earl Winfrey

    From the outside looking in, the fact that you are asking about it shows me that your heart is pure.  I know several preachers who say and do stuff just for the shock value, and to me that is wrong on so many levels!  In fact, I have heard of a preacher in the Cincinnati area who opened up a beer and drank it while preaching.  Their church had several services, so you could imagine the “buzz” at the end of the day! (Pun intended!) Anyway, I would be cautious about celebrating the word “Crap” as an indication that the church is “Keeping it real,” but I would not criticize you for the slip because I believe you are approaching this from the right perspective!  Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • I remember you saying it during service, but didn’t think anything of it.  The apostle Paul might have even used similar tactics to get his audience attention.  Tony Campolo is also know for throwing a word in here and there too.

    • Totally wasn’t meant for shock value..just rolled out..and now I’m banned from saying the blessing at meal times with the family. HA!

  • I’m going to be honest, Trey; I didn’t notice it, so obviously it didn’t faze me.

  • Jennifer Hilland

    I heard it and it was heavy.  Only because a few weeks ago Hunter Hall was leading a seminar type of meeting for us CR folk and I do believe he said “crap” about 13 times.  I even think he said it during prayer.  And I remember thinking, “wow, he said crap a lot today.”  LOL  So when you said it during prayer my thoughts kind of got pulled to the side for a moment.  Part of what I thought was that when I was a kid it was wrong to say it.  Then you grow and learn the different variations of wrong words to say, and just how wrong they really can be, or really aren’t.  I got a good chuckle when I thought, “crap is just the beginning.. eventually it’ll be the norm to say…….”   ohhh never mind.  You get the picture.  🙂  Life goes on though.  I didn’t give it a second thought afterwards until I saw this blog.  You’re great with words, and like others have said, I like the honesty and transparency at the church more often that not.  And, hey, who knows, maybe there was a newcomer who is really needed to feel a relaxed environment, a real environment, to keep him coming back.  You never know.  Shake it off.  Move forward.  Your church family still loves you and accepts you, just as you are.  🙂

  • Stan

    I was there and heard it.  I only heard it because I allowed it to be removed from context – my bad.  I got a chuckle out of it because I know you would never intentionally say anything to distract anyone from the true intent during the service.  I only saw three families get up and leave when you said it – just kidding.

  • Holly

    it is what it is Trey! no reason to use “fancy” words.. thanks for being real!

  • re crunchy: perfectly pressed starchy, crunchy suits and slicked back, crunchy hair.

  • You are human 🙂 Personally it would not bother me. The reason I’m drawn to Eastridge is because it is not stiff, stuffy, corporate, squeaky, crunchy or FAKE. You are real and so are the other pastors and I love that. I think it’s funny when ya’ll have human moments on stage. I think God knows your heart and intentions and that is all that matters. We’ve all said things we second guessed later, don’t worry about it. Ya’ll do an awesome job!!

  • Angie

    It is what it is. And sometimes the truth about what keeps us from the Father really is crap we just never say it out loud sometimes. Maybe we candy coat it too much and there was someone there that needed to hear those words.

    Because we aren’t used to hearing those wOrds from the stage it may have Been a little distracting but if everyone else was praying as earnestly as you then they may have never notices because they were confessing all their crap already.

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