Hindsight is 20/20, but what’s around the bend?

Looking back it is easy to see how God had a plan for David..

Jonathan, son of Saul, breaks his father’s confidence due to his “strong affection” for David, helps him hide out, and convinces his jealous father NOT to kill David.

Michal, daughter of Saul and wife of David, misleads her father’s troops and sneaks her husband out of the city to safety. Then lies to her father about it.

It seems every page I turn right now in 1 Samuel, David is getting help from family and friends, or dodging spears, or escaping at the last minute. It seems that God has a plan for David..and NOTHING will hinder that plan.

Is David completely aware of what God has in store for him?

I’m sure he doesn’t know that his lineage is the one that will provide us with a Savior..I mean, who can see that far into the future? I bet David was getting tired of NEEDING help, dodging spears, and having his spouse lie for him. But God has a plan for David..whether David is completely aware of it or not.

God has a plan for my life (and YOURS too).

If we can get a little help from our friends, that would be great..but if we don’t..God still has a plan..and when all hope seems lost..or things look grim..I know that He will provide a way out..a way up..my job is to trust and not give up. Not as easy as it sounds. But worth it for the future of mankind. (Big words I know..but really..you don’t have any idea..)

Could you hang in there and believe if you knew it would affect history ten generations from now?


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  • Monica

    This is a really great thought and question. When I am discouraged, be strong for those who will follow.  Thanks, Trey.

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