change your words..change your world (video)

Consider hearing….

your boss say, “you’re fired”..

your co-worker say, “wow, that’s awesome work”..

your spouse say, “I’m leaving”..

your child say, “I love you, daddy”..

your friend say, “what kind of friend are you, anyway?”..

your father say, “I’m proud of you”..

your doctor say, “you have one month to live”..

your God say, “I love you regardless of your past”..

There is so much power in our words alone. If we stop for a minute to “feel” the weight, good or bad, of others words..then maybe we should do the same before we speak, too.

It’s just a thought..

This video is related to that thought..change your words..change your world..

Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind. -Rudyard Kipling
Thanks Renee for this gem.

(everyone needs a second chance..)

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