Stephen Colbert, Christian nation, helping the poor?

The Bible contains more than 300 verses on the poor, social justice, and God’s deep concern for both.”

Jesus was born poor.

Jesus lived poor.

Jesus commanded us to help the poor.

Jesus modeled how to help the poor.

Jesus spent much of his time with the poor.

Maybe Colbert has a point..

what do you think??

Here are some more thoughts along the same

And here is where the above quote comes from,, a particular section about helping the’s a pretty amazing read and an excellent Bible study tool, if you’re looking to explore this topic a little more in depth.

(personally I do not see God as a conservative or a liberal..he is not bound by terms or names..and I believe it is the job of the “church” not the government to help the poor..but that’s a whole ‘nother post..and THAT’s why I think Colbert has a good point)

Your turn…..

Shouldn’t it be “normal” for us to help the poor?

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  • Ai4yka

    this are bulgarian money :OOO

  • Charlotte Bowden

    “Social Justice”…these words have such a nice ring to them, don’t they? But we really have to be be careful with this popular term which is being tossed around in political and religious circles. If it is used in the classic biblical sense as seen in Psalm 82:3 and Prov.21:3 then great. But generally speaking today’s new brand of social justice means an overthrowing of the free market and replacing it with the forced redistribution of wealth. Scriptures are being crow-barred out of context and their true meaning perverted to facilitate an agenda akin to the likes of Karl Marx. After all, he did coin the phrase “social justice”. We all need to put on our discernment caps!

    • Today’s “new brand of social justice” is exactly what Jesus taught. No one is forcing anyone to accept it – but you do not get to call yourself a Christian (follower of the Christ) if you don’t!

  • Jimmy Rogers

    I’d be interested in seeing the whole comment to get
    context (only because it’s Colbert), but the words he said in this
    20 seconds is true.

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  • Helen Coggin

    Yes we should help the poor but we should also treat them like we want to be treated. Several of the local churches feed the poor once a month but they take the food to them instead of inviting them into the church. Is this because they might be dirty and we don’t want them to get “our” church dirty. Wouldn’t it be better if we invited them in and also had others there to help them find shelter and a job? Just saying!!!!!

    • You have a good point..I think it is appropriate to help those in need..AND to welcome them them Jesus..and help them improve their life, if they can..then they can repeat the cycle..but I know it won’t be easy..but we can try.

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