The US Grace Recession

The LA Times reports that according to leading economists the U.S. Great Economic Recession is now officially over.

Judging from unemployment rates and the continuing housing’s hard to see that the longest recession since the 1930’s has ended.

What may be even more disturbing however, is the US GRACE RECESSION (not U.S., but in you and me). It’s true. You and I are guilty of allowing judgment to be the currency in our relational transactions, rather than radical grace. Heck, it’s even human nature to size someone up based on looks, money, and power. But our primal urges are generally self-defense mechanisms..and completely self-serving and self-preserving in the end. None of which describe an economy of grace.

What if there was a movement of people who were committed to showing unexpected, excessive and scandalous amounts of grace?

What if these People of the Second Chance were dedicated to changing the world by building and sustaining an economy of grace?

In his new book Gracenomics: Unleashing The Power Of Second Chance Living, Mike Foster begins the conversation about this radical grace that CAN be the currency that drives our relational transactions. Can you imagine an entire town that is uber-transparent and authentic, holds no grudges, sees no skin color, and remembers no past failures? Sounds impossible..and nearly every movement and revolution in history started out to solve an impossible problem. Movements start small..within just one heart..then spread like wildfire when the flames of passion are fanned in the hearts of those in whom the movement resonates.

Gracenomics focuses on how grace expresses itself in You, Others, and The Workplace.

If I want to join in this movement of scandalous grace then I must first accept grace myself. Then, like a contagious disease, I will spread this crazy notion of grace to others around me. But as Foster writes,

…once you adopt grace, the hardest people to show grace to are…the grace killers. The people who ignorantly, perhaps overtly tout their lack of grace.

Think picketers who show up at the funerals of servicemen to protest the United States’ engagement in Iraq. Or protesters who wave “God Hates Fags” signs at Gay Pride parades.

If we truly want to unleash second chance living we have to show GRACE TO THE GRACE KILLERS.

Why, you ask? Because if you don’t extend grace to the grace killers….well….you are one of them.

Maybe you are the victim..then Gracenomics is for you.

Maybe you are the perpetrator..then Gracenomics is for you.

Maybe you want to be a part of this revolution where judgment is overthrown and love is liberated..then Gracenomics is for you.

I’m looking for real change.
I want to be a part of a movement of overthrown judgment and liberated love.
I want it to be my NEW NORMAL that I freely give and receive radical grace.
It starts with me…Won’t you join me in this revolution?

Pick up a copy of Gracenomics and begin the conversation about a new currency of grace in your life, in your town, and in the world.

This book officially releases at Catalyst on October 6, 2010 but you can go ahead and purchase your copy at the People of the Second Chance store here.

“But be warned, along the way you might become part of a growing scandal devoted to the idea that grace can make your relationships, your business and even your world a better place.” – Mike Foster

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