Pass One Down, Spread It Around..

The house was quiet.

Eerily make noise..unless they’re up to something.

So, I set out to find them and to discover their mischief.

I found them in a puddle of Vanilla Extract..pouring it into their cups and calling it “co-coa” (their two year old language for Coca-Cola.)

They had seen Daddy pour Diet Coke into his glass. Why shouldn’t they?

It makes me think..

  • What else do they see?
  • What else do they hear?
  • What other habits, attitudes, behaviors are they picking up from me?
  • What am I passing down?

“Don’t worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watching you.” -Robert Fulghum

And apart from my kids..

  • What do others see when they see me?
  • What do they hear?
  • What do others see when they see my habits, my attitudes, my behaviors?
  • What am I spreading around (read a post about being contagious here)

What do you say?

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