Saturday Poll: The Time Between Baseball & Football

Hey folks,

In an effort to do some research for future sermon preparation, class curriculum, and general human life patterns..I’m beginning a new low-maintenance Saturday Series on The New Normal. Introducing the Saturday Poll. I want to encourage your participation in the comments section. I’ll ask a question and you provide the conversation. Thanks for your help and support.

The set-up:

I know many of you have children..and many of those youngins participate in extra-curricular activities like baseball (king in Newton County) and football/cheer-leading (king of the south). But for those of you who don’t participate in “travel baseball” or “travel soccer” there is a gap between baseball season and football season. Does that mean you have FREE Saturdays???


Regardless of your age or stage of life, what do your Saturdays look like in August?

(answer in the comments section below..thanks..and don’t forget to check out the Sunday Funnies tomorrow)

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  • Chris Bryant

    Saturdays look like “whatever is required to get current/be prepared”. Please allow me to start with Sunday and move through the week; my Saturday answer will make much more sense.

    Sunday: 5:30 alarm to prep for E-Town at Eastridge. Worship, teach, love, shepherd, & then get home around 1pm. A bit of rest with lunch (no naps). Love wife and boys; scripture, storytime, prayer & songs with boys before bed. Prep for coming day and next Sunday…pass out.

    Monday – Friday: 4:30 alarm to drive to Peachtree City for work – home between 5:30 & 6pm. Love wife and boys; scripture, storytime, prayer & songs with boys before bed. Prep for coming day and Sunday…pass out.

    Saturday: Possibly arise from 8 hours of sleep (vs. typical 5) and….well, it depends. If it rained during the week, I may cut grass. But when I do that depends on when I can get access to E-Town to build the service and get props & room ready. Any number or household chores and home improvements are waiting behind every door – and our small house has many! Of course, if my parents are in town to visit and look at their house under construction, we will be hosting, inspecting, and more in addition to the above. Finally, somewhere in the middle of all these important tasks, I find time (little or much) to love my wife and boys; scripture, storytime, prayer & songs with boys before bed. Prep for Sunday…pass out.

    OK, perhaps more than you wanted to know, but these are the decisions, tasks, and obligations I juggle each Saturday. Each day is a constant struggle between the peril of “busy-ness” and obedience to God’s plan for my life. Some Saturdays are a win and He is first. Some could be handled better…

    Each Saturday is a chance to grow towards God’s eternal plan for me.

    • thanks for sharing are a good, but busy, man!

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