“I pity the fool!” -Mr.T

“I pity the fool!”

Mr.T - photo courtesy of Chicago Tribune

Mr.T - photo courtesy of Chicago Tribune

Mr.T from the A-Team had it all figured out:

  • Look tough
  • Talk tough
  • Wear a lot of gold rope chains and rings
  • and never smile

But get him near an airplane and he would crumble into a pile of fear.

Anyone can fake it. But when tested the truth is revealed.

While meeting with a friend and accountability partner yesterday, I listened with furrowed brow and tried to make some rational sense of “the plan” my buddy was sharing about. It seemed foolish.

As a friend, I was preparing myself to respond with some great wisdom about objectivity, timing, speed, goals, etc. And before I could get the words out he says, “If God gives a vision, I must move in faith. If it is truly God’s vision and not mine, then He will provide.” WHOA!

I realized that:

Faith often looks like foolishness in the present. But when tested gives all glory to God.

Then, looking back through history, it is all clear. Everyone who has accomplished great things had great faith.

  • Faith in themselves (Wright Brothers, Galileo, Abraham Lincoln)
  • Faith in their product (Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Benjamin Franklin)
  • Faith in their process (Ray Kroc, Henry Ford)
  • and/or Faith in their God (Abraham, Noah, Paul)

But with each great accomplishment, with every ounce of faith there came a time where these heroes looked like fools!

I want to have faith..so much faith..so filled with faith..that at times..well..I probably just look like a fool! But don’t pity me……..

What are you attempting, in complete faith that it is God’s plan, that at times you feel/look like a fool? (If the answer is, “nothing”..then the enemy might already have a foothold.)

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