Are You Contagious?

Back in 1994 (when we were all kids, right?) a little southern rock band called Third Day spit out a song on a self-produced CD called Contagious. I liked the know of being contagious for Jesus..the bridge went like this:

Feels like a fever burning deep inside my soul.
I got to tell someone, I got to let you know.
I got to let this fever burn throughout the world..I’m feeling contagious..

I haven’t thought much about those lyrics until @jburkhimer threw down some wisdom on me at a retreat last week. During David Putman’s talk about being a true disciple of Christ, David asked us, “Who makes the best disciples?” And the answer is, “a disciple.” It takes one to grow one. This is when Burkhimer chimes in:

It’s like having a contagious disease..If I’m infected..then everyone around me is going to eventually get infected too. But if I don’t have the disease, or if I’m not contagious, then..well..I probably won’t be infecting anyone.


I should be so madly in love with my Jesus and growing in my relationship with Him that it rubs off on everyone that I come in contact with. It should be normal for people around me to Love God more, Love People more, and Serve Others more..because they see me modeling it. I need to be an infected and contagious disciple of Jesus Christ..come on yall..get near me..I dare ya!?

Are you infected?

Are you contagious?

Or do you bandage your beliefs up and try to keep them hidden from the world?

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