Give It Away, Give It Away, Give It Away NOW

Do you remember that Red Hot Chili Pepper’s song?
While I’m fairly certain they were NOT talking about money..I do think that “Give It Away” applies to our finances.


we like security..

we like comfort..

we like our stuff..

and currently there are many who have basic unmet needs.

Someone put a photocopied magazine article in my box at work today (I know!? Who still subscribes to physical magazines??) It was titled Drastic Times, Not Drastic Measures from Leadership Journal. And it had some interesting figures listed. According to a CBS News poll, people surveyed said:

  • I gave to charity last year: 72%
  • I wish I could give more: 74%
  • It’s a moral responsibility: 75%
  • The average amount of individual income given: 2.2%

WOW..While nearly three-fourths of Americans give, desire to give more, and feel compelled to give..they actually give less than 3% of their income.

I know that times are tough..

and that means more people are in need of assistance.

How can we help increase that 2.2%?

How do we change our lifestyles so that others may have basic needs met?

And shouldn’t sacrificial giving be normal for a believer?

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