What if you knew the future?

You guys remember the Choose Your Own Adventure books? Dang, I LOVED those books. It made me feel in control of the story.

At the end of each page you had to choose an action to take. And based on your decision you would go to a designated page and continue reading. This went on for four or five choices and eventually you reached an ending that was determined by your decisions.

But me..well..I liked to find the best endings and work backwards..kinda creating the best story that I could. The magical and perfect story. Yeah..it was fiction. That’s not quite how life goes, is it?

There’s also this new television show, FlashForward, that has me hooked. Basically everyone on the planet has a simultaneous black out. And during that time they mentally “flash forward” about six months into their future and see exactly what they will be doing. Some see themselves getting an ultrasound, some see themselves getting married, some see tragedy, some see normal stuff and some see nothing (meaning they’ll be dead.) And when they all wake up from these flash forwards..they begin living differently. Some saw hope in their flash forwards, therefore they are doing everything in their power to make decisions that lead them to that outcome. Those that saw tragedy or death are making as many opposite decisions as possible to hopefully change their futures.

Knowing the future changes the way we make decisions.

Think about it..if you knew that on November 8th at 2:52pm you would be struck by a car and killed..wouldn’t you stay home that day!???

If you knew how it all plays out in the end..would it change the way you think, act, speak?

If you are a believer..you DO know how it all plays out in the end!

If you are a believer, and you know friends and family who are not, and you know how it all plays out in the end……..wouldn’t you want to help them?

Wouldn’t that just be normal?

Choose Your Own Adventure: what’s your next move?

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  • I LOVED those books! Got ’em at my treasured book fairs. Haha. But, did actually read them.
    And it’s funny… I started ‘Plan B’ last night and got to the chapter on CONTROL and knew I should stop right there and reflect. Have really been recognizing my increasing need for control lately. But, like Wilson says, in life, it’s nothing more than an illusion of control.

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