The Good Ol’ Days (archives)

I’ve been blogging just over a year (if you include the original facebook “notes” ramblings..

I dug through the early beginnings and found some of the forgotten entries..

Some are decent..some are not..I enjoyed reading back over the 25: The Random Things About Me just because it needed

Here are some of the most viewed posts from days of yore..

  1. 25: The Random Things About Me
  2. Calling all the immoral, greedy, slandering, drunkard, swindler friends of mine…you shouldn’t eat with me!
  3. Do Friends Like “That” Really Exist Anymore???
  4. I KNOW You Remember Spuds MacKenzie!?!
  5. Ramblings on Love…safe for guys to read too!
  6. ask me again and i’ll tell ya the same…
  7. you want everything on that?


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