I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends..

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I’m a novice blogger.

I’ve had a difficult time finding a theme (web site design) that I liked.

The Standard Theme from John Saddington (twitter hero @human3rror) is a winner..but I felt like it was even too advanced for this beginner (although I still think it is the best design out there).

I settled on this “Modern Style Theme” from FlexiThemes.com. I’ve had great comments about the simplicity of design and it’s all-encompassing aspects, especially the About Me plug in and the Social Media widget. Plus, it’s pretty much a plug-n-play design. I didn’t have to do much editing (thank God). And what editing I did do was because FireBug helped me (if you’re a blogger, you’ve got to check out this Firefox add-on..it is incredible. Click the link above and be redirected to @kylelreed ‘s post on www.ChurchCrunch.com about this awesome tool.)

But I’ve been perplexed when it comes to RSS feeds.

I mean, come on..I’m just a guy with a laptop and a dream..a few ideas..a few words..and an IT degree..you don’t expect me to really understand RSS feeds do you?

I have been battling with how to offer an email subscription to those who want to follow The New Normal, and how to offer an RSS feed that would show up as a full blog post in a reader (Google Reader is my personal RSS reader of choice) and not just an excerpt. Then..as I was perfecting my bourbon baked beans recipe tonight for a Memorial Day party tomorrow, magic happened..

I saw this..

CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishing  @MichaelHyatt ‘s retweet of pastor and author @PeterPollock (seen below)

So, I retweeted and asked “How do I do that?”

That simple question lead to an hour long dialogue with the kind and generous @PeterPollock (blog site Rediscovering The Church). Peter was able to walk me through the ins & outs of RSS feeds. He helped me locate what was botching up my feed and from there I was able to even find out how to add that email subscription form to the bottom of this page.

It’s really quite amazing how twitter connected me with a ninja-like developer and web guru in John Saddington, a tech junkie from Missouri with the right editing software, a big-wig publishing house CEO who in turn connected me with a gentleman in the UK who walked me through the RSS feed debacle..and has now made my site just a little bit better.

The world is shrinking.

And I get by with a little help with my friends.

Please take a second to subscribe via email (below) or via RSS reader (top right next to the twitter bird). Thanks. And pay these guys a visit listed above. I don’t think I’ve ever dropped so many names or inserted so many hyperlinks in my life. So, check them out..you won’t be disappointed.

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