Absurd and Impossible

(guest post by Kris Hodges, Pastor of Worship Arts at Eastridge Community Church)

Forgotten God: Reversing Our Tragic Neglect Of The Holy Spirit (Francis Chan)

As I read this book, the thought kept coming into my head…am I “quenching the Holy Spirit”, am I always accomplishing “man sized task”, am I shutting down the “God sized” dreams of others? The answer is “Yes” most of the time! I can be creative, but only as creative as He allows me to be and only think outside the box as far as my faith will allow. Sometimes the direction of the Holy Spirit is supposed to sound absurd (sometimes even impossible), but only to highlight the work of the Father when it comes to pass. This was the major truth I learned about the Holy Spirit and myself.

Then next thing highlighted (for me) was that there is no real sense of urgency in our life here in America. We could (in theory) live our whole life without sensing that we “need” the guidance of the Holy Spirit…(now don’t get me wrong, there would be struggles, confusion, heartache, etc.), but we would not necessarily have to depend on our Faith for food, shelter, etc. I think this is the reason that people in third world countries are so receptive to the spirit of God and the power that it is within. They have nothing else to put their trust in! Maybe we should purposefully live uncomfortably to keep this sense of urgency alive in our spirit?

Back to “quenching the spirit”…I really think that we get far too busy and too loud to hear from God. I would love to spend more time by myself with God. I know if would be easier to hear from him and really even talk to him. I really think this would be a huge part of my being creative (spending alone time with the creator) As I am typing this is am reminded of a whole other set of “duties” that just got added to my plate yesterday. Life is always going to be busy, I have just got to make this true “quiet” time happen if I truly want to grow spiritually.

The last truth I pulled out of this book (really just reminded about) was that “a growing and energetic gathering is not necessarily evidence of the Holy Spirit’s work”. We can draw a crowd, make them happy, and even create an “emotional” environment for them, however, the Holy Spirit HAS to be present for God to move. This whole idea of “I am the vine, you are the branches” applies here for sure. When Jesus left this earth, he sent the Holy Spirit to guide us into the arms of the Savior.

Are you attempting God-sized tasks?

Do you live uncomfortably for the sake of the gospel?

Are you too loud and too busy to hear from the Lord?

Is your church growing in spiritual depth, abiding and surrender or just growing in number?

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  • Wow. Excellent thoughts, Kris. Thanks for sharing…there’s some writing talent there!

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  • and a happy birthday to the young lad, too..Kris turns 26 today.

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