The Snake in Garden is No Match for the Empty Tomb

(The following is an email I sent to the entire Staff and Elders of Eastridge Community Church last Thursday as we prepared for the Easter weekend. I was stressed to the max with decisions, conversations and ministry-funding issues. I was trying hard to DO things on my my power alone. I mean, I was praying, sure..but was I really believing that my God was going to solve those problems? There had been several times where the Enemy tried to throw us off mission. In a moment of personal clarity and realization that my God was indeed bigger than any problem on this earth..I typed out this simple reminder that our risen Savior is so much more powerful than the great Deceiver. This email was primarily to me. But I want to share it with you.)

Hey yall,

There is a huge day coming up this Sunday..and it has been crazy getting here.

I believe that Satan will try everything and use every tool in his arsenal to distract and take away from the unity of the church and staff. This is completely normal. He is the enemy.


  • God is so much bigger..
  • so much stronger..
  • so much more powerful..

Therefore..recognize the enemy..then realize the victor.

Christ has won the battle..

  • Yes it is hard work getting to Easter..
  • Yes it is difficult to make certain things happen in ministry on a shoestring budget..
  • Yes conversations get sideways when we are so passionate about our areas of ministry..
  • Yes things get mis-communicated, non-communicated, and over-communicated..
  • Yes our attitudes can even get tired as we race forward at break-neck speed..
  • Yes there are a million details..

But let us not forget..

  • Resurrection Sunday is the game-changer..
  • Resurrection Sunday is what separates our faith from all others..
  • Resurrection Sunday is the ultimate proof that our God is bigger, stronger, and so much more powerful than anything the devil may throw at us..even death.

Our Christ is the victor!

It is a pleasure working alongside such a passionate staff.

I am convinced that God will show up Sunday.

I am praying that His gospel is heard by 2200 people.

I am expecting Him to change the lives of 100 people for eternity.
Let’s get our hearts ready to mourn Friday night..and CELEBRATE Sunday morning!!!

How do you remind yourself that the Empty Tomb has as much power to defeat the Snake in the Garden today as it ever has?

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  • Every time I pray for lost family members, I am reminded that salvation is from Christ alone and that we can do nothing in our own flesh to merit eternity with God.

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