Owned by your TeuxDeux list??

Somethings just don’t fit neatly on a to-do list:

  • spending quality time with a loved one
  • having conversation with God
  • reading the Bible
  • listening
  • helping someone in need
  • being with a friend in their grieving
  • stopping to ask someone, “how are you doing?”..and meaning it
  • being a father
  • disciple making
  • helping those in need
  • relationships

You see..I like lists. They help keep me focused. Me and my wife make lots of lists. We even have a list to organize all of the lists we have. A list for lists. A lists list. Like I said, they keep me focused. Now, what are we talking about again?

Yes, lists! (here’s a great list app for your computer and mobile phone..I love it TeuxDeux.)

But somethings don’t fit neatly on a list.

I wonder how many times I’ve made lists and plans just to make ME feel better? I think it helps me feel “in control.” But truth be told, my lists probably control me.

Life does not come from lists..or marking everything off of a list..life has no list.

Many times God chooses to speak to me in the midst of chaos..not in a structured time planned out and marked off of my list.

Are your lists owning you?
How do you balance list life and chaos?

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