resolve to read: an easy reading plan

Be resolved to read.

It should be normal for every believer to spend time in God’s word..I is:

  • His primary way of communicating truth to us,
  • His way of showing us that He is real,
  • His history of our faith,
  • His proof that Jesus is the Savior (Old Testament prophecies proven in New Testament),
  • His promise of eternal bliss after this less than perfect life is over,
  • His gift of never-ending grace (because we all blow it),
  • His offer of mercy which is new every morning….

It is His word..and its principles are timeless and true.

Eastridge has made it easier to follow along together with this reading plan. Click here and download the plan for yourself. It doesn’t take a ton of time..but can make a ton of difference in your life for 2010. Won’t you join me on this journey?

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