shaking the magic eight ball..

8 ballDecisions are hard to make..because decisions by definition means that there are more than one option and something must be chosen. And when there are multiple options..people naturally align themselves with one of those options. Therefore, decisions affect everyone in some way or another..either they like the decision made or they dislike the decision made. Decisions are typically based on one’s perception of the options. This is subjective.  Decisions are hard to make because they affect people differently. You cannot be arbitrary. You cannot just shake the magic eight ball. You must decide. Then you must own it. Decisions are hard to make.

Pray for those who have to make decisions. Pray that they listen to all sides of the story before making a decision. Pray that they seek wise counsel before making a decision. Pray that they listen to God before making a decision.

Decisions are hard to make.

  • What decision are you making today?
  • Does it affect others?
  • How will you handle the differing opinions of your decision?
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