pride and prayer..

no helpI came across this short blog this week from J.D. Greear and it has really struck a nerve.

I wonder how often, even if subconsciously, I do not pray because I think I can do ________________ (fill in the blank) all by-myself?

Take a look at this from JD:

Prayer, Pride and Practical Atheism

I figured out last night why I have a problem “praying continuously.” Prayerlessness is the natural result of either pride or lack of faith, usually both. You fail to pray, instinctively, because you are too proud to realize you need God or too unbelieving to grasp God’s willingness to help.

I’m prayerless because I’m full of pride and unbelief.

When the Gospel has cultivated humility and faith in you, you will obey that verse in 1 Thessalonians, “Pray continuously,” instinctively.

(Thanks to Kevin DeYoung for this thought.)

So, what do you think?

Are you praying without ceasing?

Is it normal for you to have conversation all day long with your Father?

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