overdrawn? deposit more!

42-16786525Relationships are messy, inefficient and drain our emotional energies yet are essential in marriage, child rearing, friendships, discipleship, work environments, and business.

Having a relationship is generally a two way street. There is a natural give and take..an ebb and flow. One might think that the best and easiest relationship would be one in which we reap all the benefit and reward without having to make any efforts of our own. Kinda like going to a bank and withdrawing $500 but having deposited nothing. It’s just not a reality; in fact, it’s called stealing.

Are you stealing relationally from someone right now?

Relationships take time. There’s no way around it. If we truly desire a relationship, where we give and receive, then we must make the deposit of time and attention. There are no shortcuts. There are no magic formulas. There are no relational get rich quick schemes. There are no relational lottery winners. There is only time and attention. It won’t be efficient. It won’t always be clean and perfect. You might give more than you receive sometimes. There will be accounting errors. You won’t always get it right. And every now and then you’ll be overdrawn..but keep depositing..it’s worth it.

Who do you need to deposit relationally to right now?

oh, and our relationship with Jesus is no different..just another thought to ponder..

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