everyone gets cut (repost)

papercutHave you ever gotten a paper cut? New file folders have a way of getting their sharp little edges onto my skin. And a paper cut hurts like Hades! Sometimes I wonder if it would’ve hurt less if I had cut the whole finger off?

The point is: every time the skin is broken..we feel pain.

I know there are times I wonder why God lets me go through pain, especially when I’m doing my best to follow hard after Him. I can understand God dolling out pain to someone who is cursing His name or slaughtering His people. But deep down I know that God doesn’t operate that way either.

Is He just?..yes.

Does it always seem fair to me?..NO.

I guess that is a mystery I will uncover when I reach heaven with my notepad full of “Why God?” questions.pruning

Back to getting cut..John 15 (my favorite chapter of the bible) is about Jesus being the vine and we, His children being the branches and God, the Father, being the Gardner. Now I’ve read this chapter a million times but this time was different (I love how God does that). I noticed in verse 2 that “He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit..” Again, I understand this..no fruit = cut off. But then John goes on to write, “..while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful.” WHAT!?! So, is he saying..if you bear fruit..you will still get cut!?!

There is no escaping the Gardner’s blade. We will all get cut. And if you don’t bear fruit it is a one time cutting but a lifetime of withering and thirsting for life. If you do bear fruit then it is a lifetime of pruning, of discomfort, of small papercuts..but a lifetime connected to the vine. With each cut, with each season of pruning comes new growth, stronger, more beautiful and with more fruit. A lifetime of being cleaned up by the Gardner makes us look more and more like the true vine, Jesus.

As difficult as this is to say..cut me, God..I’m ready to look more like the Vine.

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  • Hey Trey, I jumped over here from SCL. Love what you have to say here. We don’t like to acknowledge that sometimes pain is for the best. Looking forward to reading more. See you around the blogs!

  • Indeed Jess..great word picture there. And I’m honored at the pruning too..it just doesn’t stop the pain from the blade.

  • Jessica

    I love how Streams talks about John 15 :

    “A child of God was dazed by the variety of afflictions which seemed to make her their target. Walking past a vineyard in the rich autumnal glow she noticed the untrimmed appearance and the luxuriant wealth of leaves on the vines, that the ground was given over to a tangle of weeds and grass, and that the whole place looked utterly uncared for; and as she pondered, the Heavenly Gardener whispered so precious a message that she would fain pass it on:

    ‘My dear child, are you wondering at the sequence of trials in your life? Behold that vineyard and learn of it. The gardener ceases to prune, to trim, to harrow, or to pluck the ripe fruit only when he expects nothing more from the vine during that season. It is left to itself, because the season of fruit is past and further effort for the present would yield no profit. Comparative uselessness is the condition of freedom from suffering. Do you then wish me to cease pruning your life? Shall I leave you alone?’ And the comforted heart cried, ‘No!’ ”


    I may not always like it, but I do consider myself blessed and honored that He would see something in me fit for pruning and of use to Him. And I love that He loves me enough not to leave me the way I am!

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