write now is a busy time

busyperson1I have been trying to get back to my routines and back to my blogging. Mainly because I have a lot in my head that I need to get onto paper (or screen) so I can make some logic out of it. But right now I’m in the middle of writing spreadsheets and crunching numbers in preparation for a budget proposal.

This kind of intensely detailed work is something that really makes my gears turn..get’s me excited..challenges me..and makes me use my problem-solving skills in an entirely different way. I know..I’m a spaz..but I really do enjoy this work, it’s just more time consuming than I had intended. (Then again, I am evaluating every single expense the church incurred in 2009 in hopes to trim the fat and keep the meat.)

Nevertheless, I’m posting today because I paused for 10 minutes and decided to write this down instead of cleaning up waffle bits off of the floor (I’ll get to those before Alonda get’s home!) And now, at least, I feel like I’ve explained my absence from the real world..as if anyone was missing me.

Back to the spreadsheets..

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