The Darker The Night, The Brighter The Stars Shine

starsMan, it is hard coming back from vacation. Although it was just a simple get-away with my sweet wife and just up the road to the ATL, it’s still so difficult to jump back into the grind. We were clocked out! No time restraints. No alarm clocks. No crying babies. No mouths to feed. NO RESPONSIBILITIES. A true vacation for three nights. Now we’re back.

  • Suitcases still filled,
  • Laundry to catch up on,
  • My Google (blog) Reader is full,
  • my work email inbox is full,
  • my personal email inbox is full,
  • I have Facebook messages that have not been replied to,
  • I have bills to pay,
  • I have a full desk,
  • I haven’t had a quiet time today..whew..(maybe therein lies the problem),
  • I think I’ve drank a pot of coffee,
  • It’s raining cats and dogs,
  • I’ve got 2010 budget numbers to look at,
  • Ants are crawling on my desk,
  • My voice is gone and I’m supposed to sing Sunday,
  • I’m getting over a cold,
  • I need to work on my moral inventory (Life’s Healing Choices: Lesson 4),
  • and my family is out of school this week and at home while I’m at work.

With all that said..I have it, I have it great! God has been soooo good to me. I am blessed beyond measure. My vacation renewed me and gave me rest. God’s favor is on our church. There may be discouraging days filled with dreary clouds that hide the sun. But it’s days like these that give us perspective. It’s days like these that remind us of how pleasant the warm sun is.

Let us not take for granted the good times. Let us find joy underneath the grey clouds.

I had a poster in my bedroom as a teenager that read:

“The darker the night, the brighter the stars shine.”

That will be my motto today.

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  • Aaron Robinson

    Funny how stuff from the teenage days echoes in our later years. Good stuff Trey.

    • if only that six pack from my teenage days would show up..hey wait..i’ve never had a six pack..P90x ab-ripper here i come!

  • WOW, another blank canvas. Let me see here, a little blue, lets keep some nice fluffy white here for the clouds. Now some yellow for the sun…yeah that’s it. Now we can add some bright green for the trees and some other bright colors. The choice is yours on how you fill your canvas. I really work hard to look at my day with optimism, though my old man is very cynical and pessimistic. It looks like you have made some great choices, though it is hard to lock horns with reality as you mentioned. I find it true for me right now.

    “The greatest sin in your life is the one that hasn’t been confessed yet.” – Scott Moore

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