Fools Rush In

slowI do not move quickly. Ask my wife. Heck, ask anyone who knows me. I’ m just not a quick person. But when it comes to decision making..well..I can move at Mach 3. I’m the guy on the gas pedal wondering why in the world we are STILL talking about this topic and not DOING something already!!


Proverbs 21:5 slapped me in the face this morning.

“The plans of the diligent lead to profit as surely as haste leads to poverty.”

Got it, God. I’ll slow my roll. I’ll seek others opinions.

What does that verse say to you?

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  • Trey

    Does anyone not see the hypocrisy written all over this? It’s true, the men that put together your Bible tried to make sure to be consistent in how they edited Jesus: showing no personal interest in gain, but then why does he speak of treasure in heaven and even of mansions as an inducement to follow him? It seems like all religions have a keen interest in the amassment of material goods in the real world, and if you believe you’ll be given those real-world materials in the “afterlife”. If religion was innate why must there be advertisers? It’s obvious religion is just a man-made entity to gain power over masses of uneducated humans. All religions strive to convert the world and show the world why they are the truth, all religions search for controlling everyone. Scare tactics (Hell/death) and appeals to pathos (money, riches, escaping death) are the main driving forces for religious leaders to convert the “non-believers.” This is silly. And here you have it again in Proverbs 21:5, Christianity implores simple rhetoric to give insight into daily struggles. There is nothing divine about this statement it’s commonsense. And it’s also commonsense that if someone reads this and applies it to their life they’ll find places to improve, is that really divinity or an effort to build ethos? “Work for money, save money, don’t frivolously spend, and live financially stable” – Me. Commonsense or divinity?

    • Hey Trey, my name is Keith. I am curious about your position. I do not mean to be offensive, so if my rhetoric seems so, I don’t mean it. This is an interesting post. It is almost an indictment from one who is coming from a secure position. However, I think the position is a farce. Where does common sense come from? Where does one get values? Follow the bread crumbs until you run out of clues and realize that you cannot hold a position without faith in something. And yes, I believe you do hold a position, absolutely. I would like to learn more about your position. Where might I go to read more of likeminded people, like yourself? I am sure there are a few in your faith. If not, it takes a lot of faith to be the only one in your corner. There is an emotional charge in the tone, but how can the apparent rationalist make an emotive judgement from a seemingly rationalistic epistemology. Just a thought or two. Lead the way and I will try to keep up.

      • Trey


        Offense not taken, nor will it ever be. As far as my post being an indictment, obviously not from a legal standpoint, but I do have a strong disapproval of religion. Not just Christianity, but of all religions. Religion is a man-made scare tactic for power and control that has led generations of people astray and pinned them against each other in violent confrontations. There’s no farce in my logic, if anything religion is a mockery of human gullibility. Commonsense is exactly what it sounds like in this situation: a logical understanding void of esoteric “knowledge”. Faith is an enthymeme; a cop-out for not having evidence to support a claim. Ask me anything and I’ll gladly give you my opinion. “I am sure there are a few in your faith.” – I’d put ‘faith’ everyone in your religion shares my “faith”, but due to a fear based rearing few will confess. So as far as being “the only one in” my corner, humans are solipsistic creatures, everyone is in their own corner. Check out Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, E.O. Wilson…I’m sure there are more well-known writers out there with my same logic. And just to answer this: my ‘rationalistic epistemology’ is not a philosophy of what knowledge is, it’s an evidence supported claim, unlike religion which is un-falsifiable, therefore a weak argument.

        • Great input. I am a Christian, and I came to this place where I found something greater than me. It may be something that can be proven, but I do not find it necessary to venture down that path. Your inquiry has stirred something in me that I have not taken interest in in 20 years. You are correct in much of what you say. However, there are 4 specific questions that I would like to ask. Number one, where did we come from? (Ontology) Secondly, how do we know? This of course would be the epistemological question. Third, where does value come from? Or from an axiological perspective, what is the ultimate value in this world we live in? And last, where are we going? (Teleology). I think I understand where you sit, but I do not want to put words in your mouth. I want to honor you by checking out the writers you mentioned. I think I may eat some crow with some of your knowledge base, but that is OK. I am not too old to learn.

  • Aaron Morris

    “The plans of the diligent lead to profit as surely as haste leads to poverty.” Proverbs 21:5

    I love Proverbs. So short but WOW they slap you in the face, make you say WOW, make you smile and sometimes just make you set back and reflect.

    My plans, as diligently thought out as I see them, seem to make sense to me. The problem is too often my thought out plan is sabotaged by my own A.D.D. As I progress through my plans too many times I find myself changing or all of a sudden a white rabbit jumps down a rabbit hole so I take the plunge chasing rabbits and there go my plans.

    This lack of attention may be why I now make much less money than ever in my past at a job I am less hopeful for growth in and managers that I find myself looking at as if they had three eyes because they make no sense.

    I said all of the above to say that my diligent planning that is supposed to be met with profit ends up being met with poverty because of my own hidden talent, getting in my own way. What the heck, I’m a self awared man. Shouldn’t we all be?

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