science vs religion (video)

The debate of science versus religion has always been a fascinating one for my wife and me. We are (and she more than I) avid fans of science. We love to question things and try to figure out why things work like they do. We like the scientific process and enjoy books, magazines and videos on space. My wife’s favorite TV program of all time is probably Cosmos. We are intrigued by intellectuals and could talk for hours on end in a coffee shop with like-minded folk. So, I found this video amusing but also truthful. Let me know what you think.

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  • Alonda Bailey

    I love it!

  • Jessica

    Yeah, we went to the Indescribable thing at the Fox and it was even cooler to be in there with all the ‘stars’ on the ceiling! That was the first I had heard of Louie and he just blew me away with that talk. Insignificantly significant. I love it!

  • Indeed, Jess.
    I went to see the Indescribable Tour with Tomlin and Giglio and was moved beyond words. To think of the Designer and Creator of such magnificent, complex and artistic bodies in space also designed and created ME!?! It is just too much for my mind to comprehend. He is indescribable.

  • Jessica

    Very clever.
    Love the emoticons and their comments. Too funny.
    I don’t think the two have to be contrary either. Love the Louie Giglio videos on space and the vast expanse of the universe and all the continuous findings.

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